What was Nico Jaar doing in Belgrade?

Young and talented. Recognized and respected. The (Das) wunderkind. Yes, that’s him, Nicolas Jaar. Born in 1990 in NYC. He started making music at the age of 14. At the age of 17, Nicolas made his debut Student EP for Wolf & Lamb label. After that, He just continued to make more music and got recognized very quickly in electronic music industry. Seth Troxler said that Nicolas is one of the most talented minds in the dance music world, and many others agreed, shearing Seth’s opinion. Nicolas is very unique musician, his music is not just for the body, but also for the soul. Jaar’s music is a fusion, it can’t be put in a straight line. I mean it’s hard to describe it in one or two specific music genders.

He was yesterday performing in Belgrade’s Basta Sava Centar for the very first time. Basta SC (Yard of Sava Centar) is quite big space for around 2000 people, but  not really acoustic, so the sound system was not really on the high level. Belgraders were quite exciting about this event, wanting to hear and see Jaar’s first performance in Belgrade. So, it was really lot of people out there, especially girls. Well, I guess it’s cool to attend Nicolas Jaar concert.

The event started around 23 h, somebody did quite nice deep intro, I think it was Acid Pauli (Clown & Sunset), but I am not so sure. Around 1 AM Jaar started a live act, accompanied by a guitarist and saxophonist. Well, I can’t say I am really impressed. I didn’t like it so much. It was too much slow and tedious, I felt sleepy during the entire concert. But, what do I know? They call it art.

The live act wasn’t too long. When He finished, me and my friends went out and str8 to our favorite barge 20/44. There was Tijana T on the decks. Spinning some quite sexy tracks I may say. Really good atmosphere in the first rows. In one moment when I turned my back I saw Nicolas Jaar again. He was taking Tijana’s place on the decks. In that moment it look like she was just pushed away in the middle of the song. Nicolas started to play music, it was like a dj set.  Totally unexpected, he was actually there on the boat, on the river, behind the decks. But, the music wasn’t slow and boring any more. He was taking audience on a ride. Very soon, just after a few songs He had them literary in the palm of his hand. Everybody were dancing. Jaar was playing many cool tracks from his own production via Green Velvet’s Pelculator.

                                                                                              Nicolas on the boat 20/44

I notice guys were kissing and touching other guys, which is not so common here, if the space is not officially a gay club. But, big support from me. They made quite free and liberal atmosphere, I felt I was elsewhere. Not in Belgrade, not in Serbia. Elsewhere, where the people are actually free and open-minded. It was morning when I left the party and it was still going. Jaar was defo in the good mood, and that party was really awesome.

For the end just to say that there were different opinions, even few disputes on the Facebook page about Jaar’s live performance. Some people liked it very much, the others like me didn’t. But, one is doubtless. The people who were on the boat 20/44 were very lucky. They picked the right place in the right time. They had the big and trendy Nicolas Jaar for just two euros, which was the price for the ticket they paid. Can you believe it???? Yeap, sometimes this city really rocks!!!! One day I will turn my back and I will see Billy Ray Martin singing in the club.😉

Are You ready for Carl Cox?

Mister Carl Cox is probably as You all know the one of the greatest  and most popular djs of all time. The man who changed everything and placed Techno music  to its rightful place. Carl was born on island of  Barbados, but moved to United Kingdom. Great love for music Carl inherited from His parents.  As the 70’s became the 80’s He followed the musical trend from soul to disco to hip-hop but it wasn’t really until He moved to Brighton in year 1986. where He  discovered, along with so many others, the pure thrill of acid house which was the most trendy music gender back in the days and in USA it’s still popular. He had the biggest breakthrough in London  back in 1988.  In that time Carl started to combine music spinning records from three decks. He got so popular, the telephone couldn’t stop ringing, everybody wanted The three Deck wizard. He was one of the guys who made the history of UK club culture. Carl performed on the opening night at Rampling’s legendary Shoom, running The Project with Oakie as well as holding a residency at  Brighton’s ZAP club. With His reputation as a DJ, He was able to turn attentions towards producing. He had  first hit in year 1992. with song I Want You

Believe me, no one was more surprised than me when I found myself performing on Top Of The Pops when my record peaked at number 23 in the UK charts!! 

Despite the fact that the follow-up song Does It Feel Good To You also charted in the top 40, commercial success was never what He had been aiming for, it was all somewhat too far removed from the reality and buzz of setting a dance floor alight. One of the best performance Carl had been guess where?

On the one and only Love Parade set in capital of  Techno Berlin in the twilight of the 20 century which was the culmination of the Rave culture , where 1.500.000 ravers from all around the Glob danced to His music. It was in 1999.  the motto of Love Parade was Music is the Key. Oh, I wish I was there back then, to glorify the true spirit of rave : Love, Peace and Unity.

Out of so many highs it is difficult to pin-point the peak for me – it is a close call between The Love Parade and the dawn of the millennium. Playing for a crowd of 1,500,00 up-for-it clubbers in Berlin was the ultimate DJing experience in terms of seeing how wide-reaching music can be but then being lucky enough to see in the millennium not once but twice – first on Bondi pavilion, then hopping on a jet over the timeline to Honolulu, Hawaii, was also pretty special.  

Great Carl Cox will perform on Saturday , 28th April in Belexpocentar in Belgrade. It has been 8 years since His last performance, which was on Urban Experience Festival that lasted for three days in 2004. on Kalemegdan Fortress. He played Techno and House a day before Richie Hawtin. The support for this new event will be young  Dave Floyd, House Dj and  Producer  from Belgrade. Avalon Production and Music label Intec Digital, Carl made more than 10 years ago, will present the ultimate Spirit of Revolution parties started on Ibiza. In the same time famous DJ will promote  last music album  named  All Roads Lead To The Dancefloor.  Ticket charge is 25 euro.

Just to say at the End that Carl is one of three DJs Serbian people very much adore. First is David Guetta, second is Carl Cox and third is Richie Hawtin. Lot of people who aren’t actually clubbers are going to this big event, because everybody knows about Carl Cox and that He plays Techno. So, some people will feel very cool if They attend this event, even If They actually don’t know anything about Techno music and Rave culture. I have personally never been fan of His music style, but I respect Him as a figure who made the difference and whole concept of Electronic music. He is the great master.

Sade@Belgrade Arena

It’s just a day that brings it all about 
Just another day and nothing’s any good 

The DJ’s playing the same song 
I have so much to do 
I have to carry on 
I wonder if this grief will ever let me go 
I feel like I am the king of sorrow, yeah 
The king of sorrow” 

Talenat, lepota, harizma, stil sve u jednom. Da, to je Sade Adu. Rođena je u Nigeriji. Majka joj je Engleskinja koja je radila u Nigeriji kao medicinska sestra, a otac je bio profesor ekonomije. Kada su se roditelji razveli ona se sa majkom i bratom preselila u Englesku. Muzika nije bila njen prvi izbor. Studirala je modu na čuvenom St. Martins Koledzu. Sa londonskim fank bendom Pride zakoračila je u svet muzike da bi 1984. godine izdala pesmu Your love is a king koja je u februaru iste godine ušla u Top 10 britanskih hitova. Ovaj uspeh je  promenio  potpuno njen život i najavio uspešnu karijeru. Svojim egzotično sofisticiranim izgledom i senzualnim glasom napravila je potpunu pometnju u muzičkoj industriji.

Diamond life je njen prvi album, potom slede: 1985. godine Promise, 1988. Stronger then pride, 1992. Love Delux, 2000. godine Lover rock, 2010. Solider of Love i konačno 2011. godine The ultimate collection koji stvarno vredi posedovati u svojoj muzičkoj kolekciji. Njena turneja poromoviše zadnja dva albuma i počela je u 2010. godini. Prvo je nastupala u Britaniji, a kasnije i širom sveta. 30. oktobra je održala nastup u Beogradskoj areni i domaća publika je imala prvi put zadovoljstvo da je vidi na sceni.

Scenografija na njenim koncertima i njen stil odevanja iako jednostavni deluju jako efektno na posmatrača. Ona svojom pojavom i harizmom magnetski privlači pogled, a glasom bukvalno budi emocije slušaoca.

Koncert u areni kasnio je sat vremena, počeo je u 9 časova. Trebalo je dosta vremena dok je publika zauzela svoja mesta. Cena karte za parter kretala se između 70 i 50 evra, dok je za gornje tribine najjeftinija karta koštala 35 evra. Publika na koncertu bila je raznolika, ali naravno većina publike činile su žene.

U 9 časova, publika je zauzela svoja mesta. Arena je skoro puna, bilo je samo po koje prazno mesto u gornjim tribinama. Svetla se gase. Na scenu stupa celokupan bend Sade i svojim novim hitom Soldier of Love otvara koncert.  Njena muzika je dosta spora ali koncert je jako dinamičan. Koncipiran je tako  da vodi kroz dvo časovno putovanje koje je poput vremeplova u koji slušalac upada i kreće se od 80ih godina do danas. Svojim hitovima Smooth operator, baladama  socijalnog karaktera Perls i  Jezebel vratila je publiku u prošlost u vreme njenog najvećeg uspona u karijeri.  Da bi  novim hitovima The love is found i In another time pokazala da je ostala verna svom muzičkom stilu i da njena muzika i dalje popularna. Scenografija je odlična. Na prvi pogled deluje jako jednostavno, veliki video bim, zavesa koja se spušta i delovi bine koji se pomeraju. U nekim trenucima izgleda kao da je Sade u video bimu. Njeni outfiti su takođe jako jednostavi ali ženi sa takvom harizmom nisu potrebne štikle od pola metra i oreol oko glave da bi bila zanimljiva. To je taj sastojak koji ona poseduje, a većina žena sa današnje muzičke  scene , poput Lady Gage nemaju. Njoj nije potrebno 100 stilista koji će se brinuti o njenom izgledu da bi bila drugačija i neponovljiva i da se slučajno ne udavi u moru proseka.

Prvo je nastupala u crnom outfitu, zatim se za vreme pesme koju su izvodili momci iz benda presvukla i izašla u beloj elegantnoj haljini bez obuće. Na koncertu nije bilo pauza, jedino se čekao bis. Za kraj Sade Adu izlazi u crvenoj haljini i zatvara koncert hitom Cherish the day. Na izgled skupa karta vredela je svaku paru i mnogo više nego što sam je platila. Ako se neki nastup može nazvati savršenim to je bio ovaj. Sade ne očekujte u emisiji kod Ivana Ivanovića jer ona u takvim emisijama ne gostuje. O njenom privatnom životu se jako malo zna. Njene pesme većinom obrađuju teme promašenih ljubavi, ne znam da li ih sama piše i da li su nastali kao proizvod njenog života. Ono što mogu da kažem jeste da je njena muzika istinita, da joj je glas odličan toliko da i nema nijedan ženski prateći vokal. Sam osećaj koji sam imala na koncertu je neponovljiv, citiracu Amy “ I died a hundred times”. 

Čekali smo je godinama , ali vredelo je!!!

Ona je jedna i jedina, Sade Adu!!!

“He’s laughing with another girl 
And playing with another heart 
Placing high stakes, making hearts ache 
He’s loved in seven languages 
Jewel box life diamond nights and ruby lights, high in the sky 
Heaven help him, when he falls 
Diamond life, lover boy 
He move in space with minimum waste and maximum joy 
City lights and business nights 
When you require streetcar desire for higher heights 

No place for beginners or sensitive hearts 
When sentiment is left to chance 
No place to be ending but somewhere to start”
Talent, beauty, charisma, class all in one. Yes, that is Sade Adu. She was born in Nigeria. Her mother is English woman who worked in Nigeria as a nurse and Her father was a professor of economics. When Her parents divorced She moved to England with her mother and brother. Music was not her first choice. She studied fashion at the famous St. Martins College. With the London funk band Pride She entered the world of music. In  1984. released  the song Your love is a king which  entered the UK Top 10 hits. This success has completely changed her life and announced a successful career. With Her sophisticated exotic looks  and sensual voice, she made a complete chaos in the  music industry.

Diamond life is her first album, followed by: 1985. The Promise, 1988. Stronger than pride, 1992. Love Delux, 2000. The Lover Rock, 2010. Soldier of Love, and finally the 2011. The Ultimate Collection, which is really worth to own in your music collection. Her tour promotes last two albums, began in 2010. First performed in Brittany, and later through out the world. On 30th October Sade made performance at Belgrade Arena and Serbian  audience  had the pleasure to see her on stage for the first time.Set design in her concerts and her style, although very simple work affectively on the  viewer. Her appearance and eye-catching magnetic charisma together with Her   voice, literally awakens emotions of the listener.

Concert in the arena was delayed an hour, began at 9 o’clock. It took a while for the audience to find their seats. Ticket price for the ground floor ranged between 70 and 50 euros, while the upper panels for the cheapest ticket cost 35 euros. The audience at the concert was various, but of course most of the audience consisted of women.

At 9 o’clock, the audience took their seats. The arena was nearly full, there was only a few empty spot in the upper stands. Lights are being switched off, the audience takes out cameras and mobile phones which are lightning in the dark. On the scene is entire band Sade and with new hit Soldier of Love  opens the concert. Her music is very slow but the concert is very dynamic. Is designed to lead you through a two hour journey that is like a time machine in which the listener falls, flying from the ’80s to the present. Her hits like Smooth Operator, ballads with social character Perls and Jezebel took  audience back in time. The best times of Her career. New hits  Love is found and  In another time  showed that She  remained loyal to Her musical style and that She is still popular. Set design is excellent. At first glance, it seems very simple, a large video screen, the curtain that comes down the stage and parts that move. At times it seems as if She was  in the video beam. He outfit is also very simple but a woman with such charisma do not need heels of half a meter and a halo around  head to be  interesting. That is ingredient that She has, and most women in  today’s music scene  like Lady Gaga don’t have. She does not need 100 stylists who will take care of her appearance to be different and unique and not to  accidentally drown in a sea of ​​average.First performed in a black outfit, then during the song performed by the guys from the band She  changed clothes and left in an elegant white dress with no shoes. At the concert there was no break, only waiting for encores. In the end, Sade Adu comes in a red dress and closes the concert with song Cherish the day.

 Expensive ticket was worth every penny and much more than I paid. If a show can be called perfect it was  this one. About her personal life very little is known. Her songs cover topics most about lost  love, do not know if She writes Herself,  whether they occur as a product of her life. What I can say is that her music is true, that her voice is so great that there is  no single female backing vocals. Feeling  that I had at the concert is unique, I will quote  Amy “I died a hundred times.”

We waited for years, but it was worth it!

She is the one and only, Sade Adu!

Like a Hurricane

 Kada sam zadnji put  napisala post  posvećen Brajanu Feriju bio  je početak    2011. godine. Tada je trebao  da se održi  koncert u Beogradskoj areni  ali je zbog  bolesti pevača bio odložen.  Konačno juče  20. septembra beogradska  publika je  imala priliku da čuje ovog  vremešnog  srcolomca. Gospodin Feri je u  Beograd  stigao sa dvanaest članova benda   među  kojima su bile dve igračice.  Koncert u  areni bio je zakazan u osam sati  malo je  kasnio, možda 15 minuta. Na moje  iskreno zaprepašćenje u  parteru su bile  postavljene stolice zbog  čega sam se jako  smorila  jer nisam tako  zamišljala  koncert. Ali, šta je tu je i onako  mi nikada  u životu ništa ne ispadne kako  zamišljam,  pravi sam baksuz. Mada treba  uzeti u  obzir da se penzionerski koncert i  očekivao sa obzirom da je prosek ljudi na  koncertu preko 40 godina, skoro su bile

sve tete i čike. Elem, ušla sam u halu  sa mojom omiljenom istoričarkom umetnosti Natašom i pronašle naša sedišta naravno ispred su kao i uvek bili neki visoki i glavati muškarci od kojih obično ne mogu da vidim pola scene. Ali ne bitno, koncert uskoro počinje, svetla se gase, uključuje se video bim na stejdzu izlazi Feri iako vremešan i dalje good looking u crnom odelu sa crnom kravatom i belom košuljom, čovek od stila uvek bio i ostao. Sa strane po dva ili tri prateća vokala u crnim haljinama sa šljokicama šljašte u mraku. Iza njega ceo bend sa saksofoniskinjom a iza njih dve igračice u trikoima koji takođe šljašte u mraku. Počinje uvertira, i za početak I put a spell on You. Feri je bio odličan , njegov vokal i dalje zvuči jako sexy po mom  mišljenju uz Leonarda Cohena najseksipilnij glas u muzičkoj industriji. Bend odlično svira, a na video bimu su spotovi pesama. Posle prve pesme slede Slave to Love moja omiljena i Dont stop the dance moja second favorite. Neeeeeee, ja i Nataša u šoku. Kako se odmah ispucao na početku sa najpopularnijim hitovima nismo bile psihički pripremljene za tako nešto a još smo sedele, potpuno razočarenje iako čovek zvuči odlično. Feri je najavlja hitove neke stare još iz Roxy musica i neke nove sa novog albuma da podsetim da promoviše album Olimpiya koji je izašao krajem 2010. godine. On nije pričao mnogo i ako ne volim pevače koji mnogo smaraju na nastupima možda je falilo malo više pauza između pesama jer je u nekim trenucima izgledalo kao da slušam mix na You tubu. Posle ove tri pesme slede neke starije iz vremena dok je bio član sastava Roxy music između ostalog i pesma koja traje više od 7 minuta Like a Hurricane. Posle od prilike nekih 45 minuta aktivnog pevanja sledela je pauza, pa smo taman odlučile da se maknemo sa stolica i popijemo nešto. Samo što je sledio jedan veliki fail nema pušenja u prostorima arene, Hello!!!!!!!!Hoće da nas ubiju!! Pa šta nam je ostalo sem da pobegnemo u kabinu u wcu i tamo pušimo kao srednjoškolke da nas niko ne uhvati slučajno. Pauza je trajala oko 15 minuta i koncert je nastavljen novim hitom U can dance i starim hitovima Lets stick together i Love is a drug. Za to vreme pomerile smo se napred ka bini, stale sa strane i đuskale. Publika ustaje sa stolica i niko skoro više da nije sedeo i atmosfera konačno dobija pravi šmek kakav njegov koncert treba da ima. Zanimljivo je da je pored nas stajao inspektor Blaža sa njegovom pogubljenom facom, verovatno je razmišljao ove cice u spotu ne valjaju ja bih tu ubacio Pamelu to je ta estetika.  Elem, još malo sam se smorila što nije otpevao novi hit Shameless ni Kiss and Tell  ni Limbo. Ali,  dobro ipak on ima iza sebe neverovatnih 40 godina muzičke karijere i široki dijapazon dobrih pesama. Za kraj je ostavio između ostalog i  Jealous Guy  preradu od Dzona Lenona. Bez obzira što neke stvari nisam tako zamišljala koncert je bio strava i jako mi je drago što sam ga posetila.

Ferry rulezzzzzzzz

Last time I wrote a post dedicated to Bryan Ferry it was beginning of 2011. But concert was canceled because Ferry got sick so event was moved for september. Finally yesterday on 20th September Belgrade audience had the opportunity to hear this  heart breaker. Mr. Ferry arrived in Belgrade with the twelve members of the band among which were two dancers. Concert in the arena was scheduled to eight o clock P.M. but  was bit late and began perhaps 15 minutes later. To my amazement chairs were set up for concert which I found very lame because I didnt imagine that kind of event. But that was nothing new cause in my life nothing turns out as I imagine, I am reallly  bad luck often. Although it should be noted that average person at the concert was over 40, all aunts and fellows.

Anyway, I entered the hall with my favorite art historian, Natasha and found our seats. In front are of course as always tall guys with big heads so I  usually cant  see entire scene. But no matter, the concert is about to start, the lights are switched off, stage includes a video screen Ferry  is  comeing on stage although old  but still looking good in a black suit with black tie and white shirt, a man of style has always been and still is. With the two or three supporting vocalists in a black dress which are  sparkling  in the dark. Behind him is entire  band with lady on sax and behind them two dance girls in tricots also sparkling  in the dark. Intro begins, and for the start he sings I put a spell on you. Ferry was excellent, his vocals still sound very sexy in my opinion the sexiest voice  in the music industry ,together with Leonard Cohen of course. The band played great and the on screen were videos of songs. After the first song followed by my favorite Slave to Love and  my second favorite Dont stop the dance. Noooo, We were in shock. As He  immediately fired my favorite hits at the beginning of concert I wasnt mentally prepared for that and We were still sitting, totally disappointed…But  I may say that the man sounds great. Ferry announces more hits from some old from time of Roxy Music and some new ones from the new album to remind He  promotes Olimpia which was released in late 2010. He did not talk much and even I  dont like many singers who are talking to much,  performance may have lacked a little bit more breaks between songs because at couple of times it feelt I was listening  to a mix on You tube. After these three songs following were from  an earlier time when he was a member of the band Roxy music including song that lasts more than 7 minutes Like a Hurricane. After about 45 minutes of active singing followed the break , so We just decided to run out and drink something. But big fail was no smoking rule , there is no smoking on the premises of  arena, Hello !!!!!!!! Why just dont kill Us ???? So what we have left but to run away in a toalet cabin  and smoke as high school girls so no one  can capture Us. Break lasted about 15 minutes and the concert continued and He sang  the new hit U can dance  and old hits like Let’s stick together  and  Love is a drug. During that time we moved forward towards the stage, stood as side and danced. The audience gets up from  chairs and almost no one was  sitting, and finally felling a real atmosphere and charm of energy from His performance. It is interesting that the inspector Blaža (local popular tv star , famoust by song You are beautiful Pamela) was standing beside us with his funny lost face, probably thinking of girls in the video are not good He  would probably put  Pamela out there , Thats Blazas  aesthetics. Anyway, I was a little pissed  because He didnt sing  new hit Shameless  or  Kiss and Tell  or  Limbo. But what ever, however he has had a remarkable 40 years of musical career and extensive range of good songs. In the end of performance Ferry sung   Jealous Guy  orginaly by John Lennon. No matter what things I expected, concert was awesome and I’m very glad that I have been there.

Ferry rulezzzzzzzz

Amy is Dead

They tried to make me go to rehab but I said ‘no, no, no’
Yes I’ve been black but when I come back you’ll know know know
I ain’t got the time and if my daddy thinks I’m fine
He’s tried to make me go to rehab but I won’t go go go……  

Kad su prekinuli program na B92 da bi saopštili udarnu vest i krenuli da spominju njeno ime, odmah je postalo  jasno o čemu se radi. Amy je nađena mrtva u svom stanu na Kemdenu. Neke stvari su u životu nažalost veoma predvidljive. Neki od mojih prijatelja su i pomislili da će joj ovaj fijasko od koncerta koji je održala, tj. probala da održi u Beogradu biti poslednji. Na taj koncert koji je promocija njenog novog albuma (za koji se već priča da je počeo da se prodaje u enormnim količinama zajedno sa starim albumima, kojima je posle njene smrti naglo skočila prodaja ) i koji je trebao da bude uvod u njenu turneju, nisam ni otišla. Ne zato što nisam fan njenog lika i dela, već zato što se fijasko nekako i očekivao sa obzirom da je već imala propale koncerte na kojima se čak nije ni pojavila ili se pojavila drogirana i pijana kao u Beogradu. Ali, dobro to je bila ona.

Snimci sa koncerta u BGu su me slatko nasmejali i gledala sam ih bezbroj puta. Išla sam na bezbroj koncerata raznih izvodjača i gomila njih nikakav utisak nije ni ostavila, jednostavno posle 2 sata zaboravim da sam uopšte bila na bilo kakavom dogadjaju. Njen koncert je svakako ostavio utisak na publiku, negativan da , ali ipak utisak. Onakvu konfuziju na sceni nikada nisam videla ranije, ona je bila sva raspadnuta u haljini  pokušavala je  da peva uz pomoć publike koja zna sve tekstove. Bacala je mikrofon , uvijala se, ma potpuni raspad i rasulo. Ali, opet kazem to je bila Amy. Ti njeni  skandali i nastupi učinili su je tako zanimljivom i različitom od drugih. Njena muzika, tekstovi koje je sama pisala, njena zanimljiva pojava, retko koga je ostavila ravnodušnim. Bila je prava umetnica koju su ljudi shvatali ozbiljno za razliku od mnogih današnjih zvezdica sa britanske scene. Ona je jedna od onih osoba koji ili volite ili mrzite, izmedju obično ne postoji. Kada se pojavila sa svojim albumom  Back to Black 2006.  godine dospela je na prvo mesto svih top lista. U toj godini postala je jedina Britanka koja je osvojila 5 gremi nagrada od kojih su dve bile u kategorijama  za najbolji album i najbolju pesmu. Kada je izašao Back to Black  ja sam se  raspametila slušala sam ga svuda, kod kuće, na iphonu, u kolima. Čak je i moja mama koja inače i nema baš interesovanja za muziku tražila da joj narežem cd da sluša dok vozi.

Ljudi koji su otišli da je slušaju u Beogradu postali su njena poslednja publika i imali su privilegiju da je vide  poslednji put na sceni. A, što se tiče para koje su pukli za kartu ne treba da im bude žao, jer je ona taj novac odavno zaradila. Svi znam da ovde niko ne kupuje orginale već  skida muziku za dz. preko neta. Pa jednom su ljudi  morali da joj plate bar za nešto. Amy je otišla u legendu zajedno sa Janis Joplin, Hendriksom, Cobainom, Dvornikom , umrla je u svojoj 27. godini.  Da li se iz njene smrti stvarno krije neka misterija ili zavera muzičke industrije koja iskorišćava umetnike ili je ona preminula svojom sopstvenom krivicom pokazaće vreme.

Amy stvarno nije morala ovo da nam priredi na neki način je ispala glupa kučka, svet je još jednom ostao bez odlične umetnice koja je umrla prerano. Ali, ako je za bilo kakvu utehu kažu u paklu je ekipa….i bila je u pravu

Love is a loseing game,  even Life is a loseing game….;((((

R. I. P. Amy, You  will be remembered

When  program on B92  was interrupted and when They said that there is new breaking news and started to mention her name it was clear what was going on. Amy was found dead in Her apartment in Camden. Some things in life are sadly predictable . Couple of my friends tought that this fiasco of her concert which was held in Belgrade will be Her last. This concert  supposed to be promotion of  her new album (that began to be sold in enormous quantities, together with the old albums that after her death sharply increased sales) and is supposed to be a prelude to her new tour. I never went  to Her Belgrade concert actually. Not because I am not fan of Hers, but because I somehow expected a fiasco, cause She had  failures before  on some of concerts. She didnt  even appear or has appeared drugged and drunk as in Belgrade. But that was Her.

Recordings of the concert in Belgrade I saw on You tube, it  was very funny I laughed and watched them countless times. I went to many concerts of various performers and a bunch of Them did not leave any impressions, just after 2 hours I even forget that I  attended  any event. Her concert left impression, probably negative but it was an impression.  That kind of confusion on the scene I have never seen before. She was all falling a part  in her tight dress, trying to sing with the audience that knows all  lyrics, threwing  the microphone, however a complete collapse. But again as I said  that was Amy. These scandals and her performances have made her so interesting and different from others. Her music, lyrics written by herself, her interesting  apearance  is rarely neutral. She was a true artist that people took seriously, unlike many of today’s stars from British music scene. She was one of those people who audience either love or hate. When she appeared with her album Back to Black,  in year 2006.  album made it to the first place on all charts. She became the first  British woman who won five Grammy awards, two of which were in the categories for best album and best song. When She released Back to black I was so delighted I listened to it everywhere, at home, on my iPhone,  in the car. Even my mom who is  not very interested in music bought a cd to listen  while driving.
People who went to concert in Belgrade have become last audience and had the privilege to see her for the last time on stage. And, as far as money They spent, should not feel sorry for Themself , because She earned that money long  time ago, all I know no one here is buying  originals, everybody take music for free over the internet. And once people  had to pay her at least for something. Amy become a legend along with Janis Joplin, Hendrix, Cobain, Dvornik. She was 27 years old when She died. Maybe her death is really a hidden mystery or conspiracy of  music industry that exploits artists or She died by Her own fault, time will tell….
Amy really did not need  to prepare this to Her fans.  In some way  She turned out to be dumb bitch, the world is once again left without a great artist who died too soon.
But She was right
Love is loseing  game even  Life is a loseing game ….;((((

R. I. P. Amy, U will be remembered …..

Just a littel bit of NYC underground

After some time I went to a great concert  within  Refract festival, held in KC grad. To recall last year’s festival featured the one and only DJ Michael Mayer, who did  B2b with Superpitcher, while this year the main stars were band  Jessica 6 and Popnoname. There was an unexpected situation in which members of Jessica 6 lost their bags at the airport so the two performances were held on Saturday 3th of  June.Jessica 6 is something new that  cant often be heard in Belgrade  , its a NYC undergarund band . Their gender I call electro pop . They remind me of bands that were popular during the 90s. Perhaps a bit of Electribe 101 in which famous frontman was Billy Ray Martin celebrated for even more famous single and one of my all time favorites Your loving arms. As far as I remember Billy Ray was born as man and had a sex change. She become a very fine lady with fantastic vocals, perhaps because of  that Jessica 6  remins me of it.  Band’s lead singer of Jessica 6  is Nomi Ruiz a girl who sang in the band Hercules and Love afair.Jesssica 6 has really excellent live act, They made a really cool  concert in one of my favorite urban spaces in town. Nomi is not only good looking also She has nice vocal and moves  on the scene, the other two members are also good. They have three nice hits White HorseFun girl and Prisoner of Love. Their videos  reminds me of Madonna in the early 90s and thats more reason I prefer and I cant wait to get out of their new album. Jessica 6 is certainly one of new artist you have  to see and hear.

Posle dužeg vremena otišla sam na jedan sjajan koncert u okviru Refract festivala koji se održao u Kc gradu. Da podsetim prošle godine na festivalu je gostovao The one and only dj Michael Mayer koji je radio B2b sa Superpitcherom, dok su ove godine glavne zvezde bili bend Jessica 6 i Popnoname. Desila se nepredviđena situacija u kojoj su Jessica 6 izgubili kofere na aerodromu pa su se oba nastupa održala u subotu 3. juna.

Jessica 6 je nešto što na ovim prostorima ne može često da se čuje, to je undergarund band iz Njujorka.Njihov pravac bih nazvala electro pop. Podsećaju me na bendove koji su bili popularni tokom 90ih. Možda malo na Electribe 101 u kome je frontman bila čuvena Billy Ray Martin proslavljena još čuvenijim singlom i jednom od mojih omiljenih pesama Your loving arms.  Koliko se ja sećam Billy Ray je rođena kao muškarac pa je promenila pol i postala sexy cica sa fantastičnim vokalom , pa me malo Jessica 6 možda i zbog toga podseća na ovaj bend. Vokal benda Jessica 6 je Nomi Ruiz, devojka koja je pevala u bendu Hercules and love afair.

Jesssica 6 ima stvarno odlican live act, naparavili su super koncert u jednom od mojih omiljenih gradskih prostora. Nomi ne samo da je super cica već i jako dobro zvuči i đuska na sceni, ostala dvojica članova takođe super zvuče. Imaju tri super hita White Horse, Fun girl i Prisoner of love. Njihovi spotovi malo podesećaju na Madonu sa početka devedesetih i možda ih zbog toga još više preferiram i jedva čekam da izađe njihov novi album. Jessica 6 je svakako jedan od novijh bendova koje treba čuti.


Bryan Ferry @ Belgrade arena , yes or no?

Bryan Ferry concert was supposed to be held on  28th April in Belgrade Arena, but it  was moved for 20th September. I can say that I am just disappointed because of this sad news .  I was pretty into this concert. If I  put a side a joke made by my  sister  that Bryan Ferry  is a British answer to Zeljko Samardzic and that song Slave to love  is an  answer to song Grlica, I can say that is a pity that the Ferry got sick and moved his tour. My sister also laugh at me and called me a Ferry Lady cause Ferry is entertainment for middle-aged women and i will be probably danceing at concert with Bobić-Mojsilović and her sister. But if I again put that second joke a side , i may say that Bryan Ferry represents : sophistication, good taste, fashion, excellent vocal, sexiness of  old school man like Robert Palmer, Leonard Cohen, Simon Le Bon, pity that there is now less and less man like them ..

The new album  Olympia is released in the end of 2010.  Its really good. He continued to make hits in his style. Best songs are  You can dance and Shameless , remix was made by  a  famous master of the German House DJ Hell, Carl Craig and also did a great remix. On the album cover found is none other than Kate Moss. Ferry has always promoted the fashion industry look at his videos, has not so much  topics in the videos but the ladys were always great, much more good looking then today popular girls like Beyonce and Rihana.

I have always been fan of Slave to Love and even more I began to love this song when I  have seen Bitter Moon by Polanski. About the film and the scenes I would not say too much cause they speak for themselves. I love Ferys performing of popular  I put a spell on you , esspecially the appearance of Rossi de Palma in the video. People who like Almodovar movies, ussually  like Rossi who has  always been phenomenal in supporting roles: In Kika plays Juana, also had a role in  The women on the verge of a nervous breakdown, Tie me up tie me down  and a few other films from the old sarcastic phase of Almodovar. Rossi de Palma was a model. Almodovar has  noted her in a bar in Madrid and of course He was delighted by her  Picasso appearance, She alwayes reminded  me of the characters from the picture Les Demoiselles d’Avignon. Too ugly to get a major role in the film, but interesting enough to attract attention and be remembered with her crazy roles Rossi de Palma is the spice of  Almodovar movies.

Bryan Ferry is a British musician and songwriter, frontman of Roxy Music. Comes from working class  family. He finished fine arts. After Roxy Music began his solo career, although he remained a member of the band. Known for his good clothing he has cooperated for several years with the fashion designer Anthony Price, who was his visual consultant. Mr Price was known for his shop on the Kings Road. Create clothes that exude elegance and worn by pop-rock icons like Jagger, Simon Le Bon and others. Ferry has released the following albums:

Koncert Brajana Ferija koji je trebao da se odrzi 28. aprila u Beogradskoj areni pomeren je za 20. septembar. Mogu da kažem da sam se baš smorila zbog ove tužne vest i da sam po prilično bila zagrejana za ovaj koncert. Ako stavim na stranu prozivanje sestre da je Brajan Feri britanski odgovor na Zeljka Samardzića i da je Slave to love odgovor na Grlicu, mogu da konstatujem da je velika šteta što se Feri razboleo i što je turneja novog albuma Olympia pomerena. Prozivala me  je i da sam Ferry Lady, volim zabavu za sredovečne dame i da ću u areni đuskati sa Bobić-Mojsilović i njenom sestrom. Ali, ono što Bryan Ferry predstavlja je sofisticiranost, dobar ukus, modu, odličan vokal, seksipil old school frajera poput Roberta Palmera, Leonarda Koena, Sajmona Lebona i sličnih, šteta što ih je danas sve manje..

Novi album Olympia je izbacio krajem 2010. godine i mogu reći da mi se baš sviđa, nastavio je da pravi hitove u svom stilu.  Izdvajaju  se pesme You can dance i Shameless čiji je remix radio čuveni majstor nemačkog hausa Dj Hell, takođe i Carl Craig je uradio odličan remix. Na omotu albuma našao se niko drugi nego Kejt Mos. Ferry je uvek promovisao taj fashion industry look u svojim spotovima, nema neke radnje u spotu ali cice su mu uvek bile super, što mi je mnogo bolje za oči nego Rijana, Bijonse i ostale današnje ” atraktivne” cice.

Oduvek sam bila obožavalac Slave to Love a još više sam počela da volim ovu pesmu kada sam pogledala Bitter moon od Polanskog. O tom filmu i scenama ne bih baš mnogo da govorim one govore same za sebe. Volim i Ferijevo  izvođenje čuvene I put a spell on you i naručito pojavljivanje Rosi de Palme u spotu. Ko voli Almodovarove filmove, ne može da ne voli i Rosi, uvek fenomenalna u sporednim ulogama: U Kiki glumi Huanu, takođe glumi u Ženama na rubu nervnog sloma, Veži me  i još nekim filmovima iz te stare sarkastične faze Almodovara.  Rosi de Palma se bavila i manekenstvom a Almodovar ju je zapazio u jednom baru u Madridu i naravno bio oduševljen njenim Pikaso izgledom, mene je takođe uvek podsećala na likove sa slike Gospođice iz Avinjona. Suviše ružna da bi dobila glavnu ulogu u filmu, ali dovoljno zanimljiva da privuče pažnju i ostane upamćena sa njenim ludim ulogama Rosi de Palma je začin Almodovarovih filmova.

Brajan Feri je britanski muzičar i tekstopisac, frontman benda Roxy music. Poreklom je iz radničke porodice, a završio je primenjenu umetnost i jedno vreme se bavio keramikom. Posle Roxy music započeo je solo karijeru, iako je ostao član benda. Poznat po svom dobrom oblačenju sarađivao je više godina sa modnim kreatorom Entoni Prajsom koji je bio njegov vizelni konsultant tj. stilista. Prajs je poznat po svojoj prodavnici na Kings Roadu. Kreira odela koja odišu elegancijom i koju su nosile pop-rock ikone poput Dzegera, Sajmona Lebona i drugih. Feri je izdao sledeće albume: