what is exploring belgrade?

ExploringBelgrade  is conceived as a blog devoted to art, clubbing, lifestyle, cultural events in Belgrade and beyond.  I will try to insert  more interesting pictures and videos and follow a time course which things are happening and write short reports about it. I want to make short guide about city and events.

My name is Dragana, I am from downtown.  I am an endless fan of clubbing, art, fashion, concerts, different music genders  and other things…….

jaa (1)


Thank You for reading my blog!! I will be happy if You subscribe or leave  comments or suggestions.

If You are interested to contact me You can send me email on dama7neba@gmail.com

6 thoughts on “what is exploring belgrade?

  1. hey draga Dragana? Sta je? It’s bloody brilliant. That’s what it is.
    Svaka cast for doing something like this – and it is done by no better person than you with your finger on the pulse of the clubbing scene and god-knows what else.!!!
    Keep it up chickee.
    Philo x

  2. I’ve never been to Belgrade, but can tell by the awesome, cool vibe of your blog that when I’m here, I’m there. Love what you’ve done with the format and honored that such a clearly talented artist is paying attention to what I have to say. Hope I can keep up.

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