What was Nico Jaar doing in Belgrade?

Young and talented. Recognized and respected. The (Das) wunderkind. Yes, that’s him, Nicolas Jaar. Born in 1990 in NYC. He started making music at the age of 14. At the age of 17, Nicolas made his debut Student EP for Wolf & Lamb label. After that, He just continued to make more music and got recognized very quickly in electronic music industry. Seth Troxler said that Nicolas is one of the most talented minds in the dance music world, and many others agreed, shearing Seth’s opinion. Nicolas is very unique musician, his music is not just for the body, but also for the soul. Jaar’s music is a fusion, it can’t be put in a straight line. I mean it’s hard to describe it in one or two specific music genders.

He was yesterday performing in Belgrade’s Basta Sava Centar for the very first time. Basta SC (Yard of Sava Centar) is quite big space for around 2000 people, but  not really acoustic, so the sound system was not really on the high level. Belgraders were quite exciting about this event, wanting to hear and see Jaar’s first performance in Belgrade. So, it was really lot of people out there, especially girls. Well, I guess it’s cool to attend Nicolas Jaar concert.

The event started around 23 h, somebody did quite nice deep intro, I think it was Acid Pauli (Clown & Sunset), but I am not so sure. Around 1 AM Jaar started a live act, accompanied by a guitarist and saxophonist. Well, I can’t say I am really impressed. I didn’t like it so much. It was too much slow and tedious, I felt sleepy during the entire concert. But, what do I know? They call it art.

The live act wasn’t too long. When He finished, me and my friends went out and str8 to our favorite barge 20/44. There was Tijana T on the decks. Spinning some quite sexy tracks I may say. Really good atmosphere in the first rows. In one moment when I turned my back I saw Nicolas Jaar again. He was taking Tijana’s place on the decks. In that moment it look like she was just pushed away in the middle of the song. Nicolas started to play music, it was like a dj set.  Totally unexpected, he was actually there on the boat, on the river, behind the decks. But, the music wasn’t slow and boring any more. He was taking audience on a ride. Very soon, just after a few songs He had them literary in the palm of his hand. Everybody were dancing. Jaar was playing many cool tracks from his own production via Green Velvet’s Pelculator.

                                                                                              Nicolas on the boat 20/44

I notice guys were kissing and touching other guys, which is not so common here, if the space is not officially a gay club. But, big support from me. They made quite free and liberal atmosphere, I felt I was elsewhere. Not in Belgrade, not in Serbia. Elsewhere, where the people are actually free and open-minded. It was morning when I left the party and it was still going. Jaar was defo in the good mood, and that party was really awesome.

For the end just to say that there were different opinions, even few disputes on the Facebook page about Jaar’s live performance. Some people liked it very much, the others like me didn’t. But, one is doubtless. The people who were on the boat 20/44 were very lucky. They picked the right place in the right time. They had the big and trendy Nicolas Jaar for just two euros, which was the price for the ticket they paid. Can you believe it???? Yeap, sometimes this city really rocks!!!! One day I will turn my back and I will see Billy Ray Martin singing in the club.😉

4 thoughts on “What was Nico Jaar doing in Belgrade?

  1. ”They made quite free and liberal atmosphere, I felt I was elsewhere. Not in Belgrade, not in Serbia. Elsewhere, where the people are actually free and open-minded.”
    What’s wrong with you, when you can write something like this..?? I guess you didn’t have much time to explore day and night life of Belgrade.. Otherwise all that you would write about is love Belgrade offers to all kind of people.. I feel sorry for you..

    • Oh baby Belgrade is not always and everywhere so liberal, I felt it on my own skin many times, if you understand me!!! But, it’s getting much better for sure. But, sure you are right Belgrade offers a lot, and will offer much more in the further future.

  2. Nicolas Jaar’s Space is Only Noise EP was one of my favourite of 2011. I saw him play in Montréal this summer and like you I was not impressed. I was really expecting a lot more from him. His set was really slow and he barely played any of his own tracks. I was pretty disappointed. Thank God Wolf+Lamb and Benoit&Sergio were before him because they made it all worth it in the end!! I love the stuff Nico produces but after seeing him live and reading you’re article I’m not sure he’s the best live act out there at the moment.

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