Saturgay night it’s all right for party


Hey dear folks. Yesterday was Saturday and Saturgay it’s all right for party. The summer is still very worm in the city. Person can wear what ever, even flip-flops are quite fine for partying on the rafts. I met one new friend couple of weeks ago, so yesterday She was my escort for running around Belgrade. First We drop by one really cool restaurant. I present it proudly on my blog for the first time.

                                 Photos via

Restaurant Comunale takes place in one very attractive location, on the river in old industrial building from 1937. called Beton hall, next to Belgrade port. Also, takes place next  to popular mainstream clubs Frida and Magacin. This extraordinary location Belgraders and foreign people just adore. The place is quite broad, the ceiling is 6 maters high, architect Aleksandar Rodic used very few materials as: concrete, steel and wood. So it’s not very rich with colors, just few colors are represented: black, brawn and gray. Quite minimalistic interior. Looks very sophisticated like a mixture of a restaurant and a bar. Sadly, there is no cocktails on the menu, but You can order mixed drinks and eat Italian food for around 8-9 euro. Which is totally fine price for Belgrade.

I personally love minimalism. Maybe because I was born in 1987. and that generation loves minimalism, some guy told me that once. He said that affinity is associated with the horoscope. But, I really don’t know if it’s true.

After a drink there We continued to Sava mala quart, because my friend Pile sent me a sms, and told us to meet there. He was attending exhibition in space of KC Grad. He came there for art of course, not for free food and drinks like the most of the people who attend exhibitions and openings. When We met, He was carrying a tray with hors d’oeuvre taken from exhibition.:))))

And that was quite tasty, eating on the street with two other random guys. Yeah, suddenly. So, We agree to check out club Apartment located in the building, next to Brankov bridge. But, there was a private sex party going on, so We couldn’t enter. Sadly, for us. I just imagine all that sexy guys dancing in their underwear. We were quite disappointed when guys from security didn’t want to let us in.

But, We continued are visite over Branko’s bridge up to my favorite barge named 20/44. It was a long row of people waiting to get in when We arrived. Inside was really cool atmosphere. A lot of foreigners and cool locals. Everybody were in a good mood. On the decks was Vlada Janjic, who is old school local dj. He played in iconic Industry back in the days. I must admit I never liked his style, I find it boring. But, yesterday He did an awesome set. Maybe He was inspired by the crowed or summer in the city, or something else…Everybody had  good time listening to deep, tech and funky sounds.

 We met some guy from Mexico city and some guys from Bosnia and Germany. It’s lovely there is more and more tourists nowdays in Belgrade. I hear just good stuff about our city. The crowed was crazy, boys were all over us. To bad girls were too serious. Awesome crowd and party.


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