Party Review: EXIT Festival 2012

Hello dear music lovers. I haven’t been a while on my blog, because I made a short trip to Novi Sad, Serbia.  I just attended Exit Festival 2012. This was my ( believe  it or not ) 10th anniversary of this festival. I was there first when I was 15 years old, and yes it was kind of shock to me, because I was just a little girl. It impressed me so much that I had to continue to visit Exit every year. It’s taking place in Novi Sad, which is the third biggest city in Serbia. Located in the north, in Vojvodina valley. This is quite different city from Belgrade. The people are different from Belgraders. They have different mentality, more slow and relaxing. One can notice that in the way they speak and behave. Unfortunately, not lot of the people from Novi Sad enjoy Exit Festival. They are more in some traditional music genders. But, in contrary people from all over Serbia and Ex Yugoslavia like to attend  it annually.  Also, lot of foreign folks, mostly from: UK, Greece, France, Australia, Hungary, Poland, Russia and other states. Exit is a true mixture of music genders, multicultural and multiethnic. The bad thing is everybody sticks to their own groups, no matter where They come from. So, I don’t actually meet a lot of people beside my friends which I already know from somewhere.  Which is a pity…

I notice that this year there wasn’t that much foreign people like we used to see years before. Also, fortress wasn’t that much crowded like in last couple of years. I don’t really know if the music lovers got bored with this festival, or maybe it is a consequence of global crisis and a luck of financial resources among younger generations who mostly attend Exit Festival.

                                                       Yugoslavia for ever (Exit camp)

Festival takes place on Petrovaradin fortress on the river. When One goes from the downtown of Novi Sad which is btw really beautiful, He needs to pass over Petrovaradin bridge and continue until the entrance. That path feels and looks like a big fair, people are everywhere, everybody sells everything from roasted corn, burgers, rakia in tubes to glowing  bracelets, masks, sunglasses, body paint, shirts, tickets and cigars. Prices on the festival are quite expensive. Energy drink  and beer is around 2 euros, also food is not that cheap. But, never mind we are used to it. Festival prices are all over the city, from cabs via eateries and bars. This is the rare opportunity where city of Novi Sad can get some cash from tourism.

City of Novi Sad downtown with beautiful old architecture

So, now I will give you my short overview of  the music, djs and bands I have heard this year. First day I will just note British glam pop  band Duran Duran was really great. They are my all time favorites. Guys sounded very much alive even after all those years. Simon le Bon looks quite fine in his sparkling outfit, also guitarist and other guys. They performed  2 hours, some new hits like Girl Panic, but sadly without top models from the 90’s. :(((  Beth Ditto from the band Gossip joined Simon on the stage while singing iconic Notorious. For the encore Duran Duran sang iconic hits Girls on Film and Rio.

Duran Duran on the stage

First night after Duran Duran I went to Dance Arena, but sadly there was some guy in form of David Guetta, calling himself Avicii. Very much awful music. Avicci kill yourself, you will do the world a favor. I was feeling so bad after his set , that I didn’t have the strength to catch mister Brodinski early in the morning.  The second day I caught New Order on the main stage and Hercules and Love Affair. But, Hercules has a new lining and there is no Anthony and Nomi Ruiz so it wasn’t that much good performance like I expected. In contrary, old band New Order was quite good, singing True Faith, Cristal and Blue Monday.

New Order on the stage

Madonna’s favorites Azari & III did quite well job, entertaining the audience on Dance Arena 3rd night. They sounded really cool. Had really nice stage performance. Black guys are quite fun and awesome dancers. I just wish I could dance like that. Looked quite sexy in crazy outfits. Also, famous Cadenza music label owner Luciano did very good dj set. The second hour He played was quite something, played remix of the popular Somebody I used to know and for the end my all time favorite Good Life the place where we all wanna go. But, in my opinion the owner of the best set on the dance arena this year was mister minimal himself Richie Hawtin. Even if I am not that much fun of this music gender, his set is something special: the pure energy from very beginnings until the end. Sexy Richie is the man I just adore.

The dancers on Dance Arena

We waited for Miss Kitten all those years, and finally She was there doing a live act. Playing music and singing. Nice performance. I liked it, but I just know She can do much better, especially for the closure of the set. Sadly, Art Department canceled and I didn’t catch Claude van Stroke. But, Maceo Plex deep house master did excellent set last night.

I notice that there was lot of different styles among ravers in the dance arena. Some guy was walking naked, others had funny outfits. Which is quite cool. Also, there was a really too much rednecks all around Dance Arena this year. That I didn’t like at all.

Fuck off rednecks!!!

Crazy lady having fun with security

My friends dancing on Dance Arena

Perfect outfit

After parties are held on the Strand under the bridge on the public beach..I was there once during the day, dancing with Marko, Natali and Tatjana.  The party was awesome.

Partying on the beach during the day like it’s Ibiza

Marko and Natli dancing

Christine and Marko dancing

Christine and Urosh

Boys little toys chilling on the beach

I love to visit Novi Sad. I feel like I am somewhere abroad. Atmospheric in the city is very vibrant. I love eating outside and drinking cocktail during the day with my friends from Belgrade.

Belgrade chicks drinking cocktails in Novi Sad

This post I want to dedicate to my friends: Marija, Urosh, Urosh, Tijana, Dragana, Danijel, Marko, Selena, Jovica.

Thank you for good time I had.

Exit just ROCKS!!!!

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