Why is Monday so far from Friday, and Friday so near to Monday?!!

In the city of Belgrade it goes like this. Thursdays were very popular nights for going out, couple of seasons  ago, when Energy club was still working. Lately, Thursdays are very trendy again, thanks to Easy Tiger crew and Disco bar Mladost. Also, my favorite downtown place Tapas bar is opened  again. It’s always cool to have fun and chill on the corner of Jevremova and Dositejeva street, where Tapas takes place. For the music are in charge young Belgrade djs as Girly Nights or Mancha or somebody else. It’s always quite good music. When You mix good vibe, the spirit of Dorcol, beautiful location under the trees and some quality drinks as: Blue Lagoon, icy Margarita with lot of salt or just sweet taste of Melon martini everything works better than fine.


Around midnight bar will be closed, so We just attend to change our location to Geca Disko Steker. Disko Steker is a night club , but usually popular for after hours. After one drink there, We moved to Sava Mala quart and continued our city voyage to Mladost, where Marko Nastic is sharing the Decks with Ray Okpara. Bar was crowded, but it was good for dancing. People were clubbing people, everybody knows everybody from somewhere. But, I don’t give a fuck for that, usually I don’t feel like talking to anybody while the beat goes on.

When the next day comes, party continues until early morning hours. People go home, but just until evening, when new worm up starts in somebody’s apartment or some bar. Last night I went with colleges of mine to Basta Sava Centar ( Sava Centar Garden). There was some serious rave going on. Around 2 AM people finally filled the wide space. On the decks were: Lea Dobricic, Bokee and Concrete Djs.  The only queen I really worship lovely miss Lea Dobricic played some trendy Tech and Deep for intro, continued by Bokee with stronger progressive groove. After a while They started playing back 2 back and made complete chaos. Party was finished by strong Techno from Concrete djs. This party was quite fun, I saw  lots of different dancing styles and that was a bit funny. Lot of drugs also. My friends Urosh and Danica were really in some good summer mood. But, of course I met more friends there totally random as Selena the dancing queen. I was heading to restroom and on the way there is a big mirror, where another friend of mine Dragana was posing for new Facebook picture with a friend of hers. I joined Them in posing and after a while We left party and went to Disco bar Mladost which was working until 6 AM. So, Belgrade is in some way quite small city. You can go out with close friends, but in the end You will end up with some  completely different ones.


DJ Lea Dobricic the New Queen of  Belgrade underground 

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