Eurovision Song Contest 2012

The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the longest running television shows in the world. First edition was back in 1956. After 56 editions, this contest  became  true European tradition and probably, Europe’s favorite TV show! This year Eurovision took place in Baku, Azerbaijan the land of fire. Eurovision is quite kitschy and trashy manifestation. Has a lot of gay aesthetics which I love and hate in the same time.

5 Reasons for hating  Eurovision:

  • My parents love it, which means it’s lame
  • It’s boring
  • There’s always a luck of good quality songs and performers
  • It seems very retro, but not in a fun way, more in a lame regressive way
  •  I always hate Serbian entries, especially Zeljko Joksimovic and similar trashy wanna be stars like him

5 Reasons for loving Eurovision:

  • Well ??? xaaxxxaxaxxaxaxax is there any?
  • I love the thing that is moving every year from one state to another, so I like that side where different countries can promote themselves thru promo videos
  • It’s multicultural and multiethnic ( I have always been  liberal)
  • It can be fun sometimes
  • I like when small states of formal Yugoslavia support each other every year and fuck up western states. If states were like that back in the beginnings of 90’s Yugoslavia would be very much alive today.

This year’s Serbian entry was totally lame, but I notice that Croats are the lamest. They tray so  hard every year, but at the end nothing happens.  Definitely the best entry Serbia, actually Yugoslavia ever had,  was in 1991. Bebi Dol performed song Brasil. It was a big hit in old Yugoslavia, Balkans and in Mediterranean. But, song Brasil was a big fail on Eurovision, it had the worst rankings ever. But, that wasn’t  Bebi’s  fault , the song was quite fun and good. Just remember what was happening back then??

Eurovision is very much political event, and Yugoslavia was sadly falling apart.

Bebi Dol aka Dragana Saric is one of the most amazing artist Yugoslavia and Belgrade ever had. She is a pop/jazz singer, born in Belgrade in 1962. Became famous in 1983. when She released album Roses and Blood (Ruze i Krv) for PGP RTS. Single Mustafa was declared the best Yugoslavian song in  that year. And it is, one of the best songs Yugoslavian music industry ever made. The entire album Ruze i Krv was really something. I discovered  it couple of years ago,while working  on Vinca archaeological site, located near Belgrade.

Bebi Dol is often very underrated in Serbia. Unfortunately, many people never understood her talent . In the 80’s  She was very much in the step with the time. Something like Yugoslavian Kate Bush. This woman is really one of the kind, unique, the pride of all real Belgraders.

My favorite entry this year was by FRY Macedonia.  Kaliopi performed song called Crno i Belo (Black and White). Can you imagine the state with fucking FRY before the name?  Sad.

Kaliopi was also big music star back in old Yugoslavia. Famous by song Bato (Brother) and many others. Also, famous by a powerful strong vocal, many had the chance to hear  yesterday.

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