Love & Gratitude EP1 by Valentino Kanzyani

Famous Slovenian DJ and Producer Valentino Kanzyani shares the new vision of  underground house sounds for Luciano’s Cadenza label.  Debut Release was out on 30th April 2012. Velentino is known as Slovenian techno DJ , but also sound experimentalist. He quit making and playing techno and focused on more soft, but trendy sounds as Tech House. He made collaborations with other underground  club subculture artists  as Masomenos and Yoshitoshi, combining and playing with  different genders as Deep Funky Tech House and Progressive. If You liked  his music back  then, probably you are gonna love it now.

It’s the best not to categorize Love & Gratitude into any specific gender. Music is groovy and deep, full with percussions, also with a bit  of latino sounds and vocals.

First track on EP1 is Old School Romance, made in cooperation with Ian F. It’s a lovely Tech House track with up lifting energy. But it doesn’t sound too pretentious, the sound just flows and makes your body move.


Second track is my favorite El Circulo de la vida (The Circle of Life). This track shows the real art of electronic music. It will take You on journey thru various sound made by instruments: percussion section built from an odd assortment of bells and live hand drums. Including Shamanic Spanish vocal that gives complete  and entire expression of the song. I would like to hear  it in a club with good sound system when all lights are off.


Third  track is Woodo Samba. This track sound endless it’s just flowing. Also, full with percussion, but more minimalistic than other three tracks.


The last on is Holi Revolver. Quite dynamic track. It’s hard for me to stay focus on the rhythm. But, I like it. Beat continues to drive on and on until the very end of the song.


Valentino’s full album will be released in 2012. With Regards to quality of this tracks, music fans can expect very best from it.

Just to note that after His gig in new club Studio 69, Valentino is going to play music in Basta SC  on Saturday in Belgrade , 2 June 2012. With local support by Shoxy ( Jesus loved you | Titbit | Sleep is commercial) and Aleksandar Ivkovic (Tehnika 8×8).

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