Mikser Festival 2012 takes place in Sava Mala (Little Sava) industrial quart in  Belgrade from 25.05-02.06. Mikser is international festival of creativity and innovations. The idea of this cool festival is to revive old industrial zones in the city. Sava Mala, region under Branko’s bridge got really popular clubbing zone lately and it’s getting more popular. Last couple of years Mikser used to take place in Zitomlin industrial area on Dorcol’s lower part next to the river. Personally, I like that location is changed, because it  gets boring to visit the same spot every year. Also, silos are not really made for art exhibition. It seemed cool at the beginnings, but I notice that space of silos are too much aggressive for using as an art gallery. It seems that the space swallows all artworks inside.

Silos at Zitomlin  industrial area of Belgrade

Mikser will present lots of Serbian designers, artist and musicians , also many foreign guests. There will be workshops, lectures, debates, art exhibitions, concerts and parties. Festival covers numerous topics as: architecture, art, fashion, design, literature, education, environment, film, music and market.  One can see various interesting stuff on this event and enjoy quality music program at night. I am really looking forward to check out this years mixer on new location and see what is happening. Many abandoned buildings will be used for parties so it’s going to look a bit underground. Also, there will be gigs in Mixer house, club Apartman, Kc Grad   and other clubs in Sava Mala quart. I hope I will catch DJ Brka next Friday and German virtuoso Michael Mayer from Kompakt label the week after.

                                                        Sava Mala area in old Belgrade

                                                       Sava Mala area in old Belgrade

Area of Sava Mala today, Mikser House and Disco bar Mladost  by Maja Simov

                                                Area of Sava Mala today, art space KC Grad

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