Donna Summer dead & gone

17th May is International Day against Homophobia so I am happy for that, but unfortunately also one very sad day. The Queen of Disco, the one and only Donna Summer just died at 63. Cancer killed Her like many others, but what is 63  years old in the modern world? Is that  enough ? I don’t think so. Unfortunately, the illness doesn’t choose. Fuck You cancer, We are gonna kill you one day!

Donna was something very special. One of my favorites and the greatest singers of all time. One of the  first Afro-American woman who made serious career in the music industry, she made easier road for others who followed her as Whitney Houston and Sade and many other Afro-Americans.  Donna had it all: beautiful appearance, talent, voice, charisma, money, glory. She was 5-time Grammy award winner for hits as Hot Stuff, Bad Girls, Love to Love You Baby. Totally made the new perception of modern music due to disco and pop rhythm She created. Her music is gonna keep living for ever, numeros great songs, alive with new looks by different remixes.

The singer’s family released a statement saying that they are at peace celebrating her extraordinary life and her continued legacy. And I agree with them, She was among the greatest old school stars pop/disco music had. I notice that today we don’t have that good musicians. Music stars of today are lacking  strong character and charisma, everybody looks the same, everybody acts the same. The most of them are copy pasted. There is no more  real attitude.

                                      This is the song I am gonna play on my wedding day :)))

I feel very sad now.  In one phase of my life I was listening to Donna’s music every day and that helped me a lot.

R.I.P The Queen of Disco

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