Vienna Calling

HEllo, dear readers. I visited Vienna last weekend, so I will write a bit about this city. I will present some of my personal impressions and give You a few tips. So, this is one is travel and lifestyle article.

Yugoslavian languages: Beč

German and Austrian: Wien

English speakers: Vienna

The origin of the city name is unknown. It could be from Celtic word Vindo which means bright or fair, or from the Roman settlement  called Vindobona which means white bottom. Word Beč that Slavic people, Hungarians and Turks use is originally referred to  Avar fort in the area. Vienna is the largest and the capital of  Republik Österreich (Austria). It is administrative, cultural and art center.  Population is around  2 million people. The City consists of Innere Stadt which is downtown and many suburbs. City is places on the river Danube same as Belgrade.  The Innere Stadt  is situated away from the main flow of the Danube river, but is bounded by the Donaukanal (Danube canal). Vienna is very multiethnic and multicultural city. One can see many different ethnicities and races in public transport and around town. Public transport is very good, U Banh which is Metro, or how Americans like to call it Subway works very fine, also works non stop for the weekends, which is was very good for me because I went to some clubs of course. It not dangerous to use U bahn at night, it’s  always full with people days and nights and One will not feel unsafe. I felt totally ok, even if that was my first time in Vienna. The city is like every other big capital very vibrant, dynamic  and everything is happining very fast. But, in the same time when I look at the people chilling in the bars and gardens and riding a bicycles which is a costume there, I get impression that people are very relaxed. People are very different, there is a lot of styles and different looks. The good thing is nobody is watching You and They simply don’t give a fuck how Do You look like or how You dress. Austrians look quite casual and practical.

I like that people are not copy pasted like here in Belgrade, One can see various outfits during  days and nights. Everybody speaks English and They are very pleasant and helpful when You need it. The largest ethnic minorities are Yugoslavian and Turks. So everybody knows a few phrases in Serbo-Croatian and it’s easy to communicate and get by. I was located in one trashy Hotel in Serbian quart, it was not really cheap. 45 euro per night in one small one bad room, it looked more like a hostel then a hotel with three stars. Also, no Wi Fi network. But, location was ok  and everything was clean so I didn’t really care. This part of Vienna , which I call Serbian quart is full with small bars where One can catch Turbo Folk music and eat Serbian food as burek. People are mostly Gastarbeiter, or Gastosi how We like to call Them. That would mean someone who is a guest worker from the  eastern states, it’s a German phrase. They are usually working class people. But, of course there’s a  lot of Serbian students studying  and living in Vienna.

Vienna is very rich and posh city. It was the capital of strong Austro-Hungarian empire. It is full with rich museums, beautiful buildings, big green parks, turbulent history and culture. The City looks very monumental. It in not cheap at all, especially If You come from eastern Europe or Balkans. 24 hour public transport ticket cost around 6 euros. Food is also not that cheap. So, it’s better to skip fancy restaurants and eat somewhere else, for example at Vapiano’s. There is one near museum quart, across Starbucks coffee shop. Big pizza is around 6-7 euro, Pasta around 6-8 euro. If you like meet You will have to try Wurst, it’s safe to buy it on the streets. Everybody buys Them. The taste is very good.

When it comes to sightseeing, well there is so much things to see in Vienna. For example: Gothic Stephansdom is located at the centre of the city  on Stephansplatz, Belvedare castle, Albertima museum, Hofburg,  Sigmund Freud Museum and the Mozarthaus Vienna, Schönbrunn, Viena Zoo, Museum quart there are two big buildings: one is Leoplod museum featuring the largest collection of paintings in the world by Egon Schiele, as well as works by the Vienna Secession, Viennese Modernism and Austrian Expressionism, second is MUMOK the modern art museum. Well, since I am a bit sick of looking at paintings of old masters and I am found of modern art and conceptualism, I have visited MUMOK and  enjoyed it very much. Building is has around 4/5 floors, I find it very interesting and beutifule. I saw exhibitions: Claes Oldenburg –The Sixties, Pop and the New Realism and  video installation by American artist Andrea Fraser. MUMOK really ROCKS BIG TIME!!

I went to Vienna alone. But, I met with my friends Urosh, Ratko and Tanja. Also, I met one new friend there, very sweet girl Jasmina. Jasmina took me to some gay club Why Not. Why Not is a very funny club for gay men. We were like aliens there, just couple of girls in the entire club. Music is very trashy, something like mush ups. Commercial house mixed with MTV Hits as Lady Gaga. But as in all gay clubs there where lot of handsome guys, We wish They were str8 or at list bi. Club has three rooms with different trashy music. The entrance is around 5 euro. Bear is around 3 euros. As my friend Daniel likes to say this club looks like gay clubs from Sevilla in the 80’s, something like Belgrade’s gay club Pleasure. Very much retro.

But, I notice that clubbing scene in Vienna is very good. There are very good bookings almost every week. Popular electronic music clubs are: Pratersauna, Flex, Sass and Auslage. Me and guys checked out Flex. Entrance was 10 euros. Be carefull if You are foreign, bartenders will try to Rip You off with fake prices for drinks. There was some stronger groove in the Flex. More minimal sound. I am not that fun of minimal , but what ever it was fine. Flex is located on the River. There is  long bar, but the club is in the basement. This is good club for more underground funs. It’s not fancy at all or up market. People are the mixture of locals and foreigners, there is a lot of drugs and weed.  This is very popular club, has very good booking  for example Tini German undergraund diva and  Techno deity Jeff MIlls play  here. Personally, I didn’t like this club so much. I think it maybe for younger clubbers around 18 up to 22 years old. Or just maybe I didn’t catch the right clubbing night and I got the wrong impression. People are very easygoing, guys are good-looking  ( if You like metrosexuals) and  flerty. Girls are cute when it comes to face structure but not that handsome and skinny.

Candy shop??? NO, Just WC@ Flex


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