OUTSIDE THE FRAMES: Art Exhibition by Marija Velinov

Hello my beloved readers. Today I feel very artistic. So, I will write about one art exhibition. Outside the Frames is an art exhibition by Marija Velinov. It’s taking place in Bife Ventil in  Kapetan Misina 14 on Dorcol. Exhibition presents six photos, created  in a wintertime 2012. Photos are not made in a studio, They are taken in ordinary apartment in Belgrade.

Exhibition Outside the Frames is an attempt to present different roles in life as certain models, Us personally or Humans in general. Basically, what One really is (whatever is that),  just can’t simply define one framework – for example: male, female, heterosexual, homosexual, worker, student, mother, brother, philosopher … featherless biped …
We are always so much more than that, much than one certain model.



About  artist:

Marija Velinov was born in Belgrade in 1987. She studies Philosophy on Belgrade University, also works in Photo Lab.

About model:

Exotic model is Jelena Pavlovic from Herceg Novi, Monte Negro. She is Fashion designer.




I attended opening of this exhibition. It was quite fun. Photos are very interesting and I like the entire concept. Author did quite well job, even if She is not professional Photographer.

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