Party Review: Technasia@The Tube

Soon, We will reach the closing of another clubbing season. Personally, I hate summer season in Belgrade. I find it very boring and uninspiring. Probably because I am not that much into commercial music and I don’t love going to rafts on the river. Even, if  bunch of people find Them quite amusing, especially foreign people. The Tube will soon be closed . Tubers can expect next week  one of  the best music producers of today Solomun from Hamburg, Germany and week after another Disco Hell with Marko Nastic, Deki MIlicevic and Marko MIlosavljevic. Yesterday  Charles Siegling from Technasia (DJ Duo, Project) performed.

Technasia was founded back in 1996.  by Charles Siegling and Amil Khan. It was created as east and west fusion that moves from Paris club scene to scene of  Hong Kong.  From 2010. Technasia is a one man project.  Amil has retired from Technasia  and Charles Siegling starts to perform solo. Charles always plays on three decks, showcasing the old-fashioned arts of cutting and scratching. Live, Technasia takes audiences on an unforgettable ride. Charles literally becomes a one-man band, playing keyboards, percussion and acoustic instruments. He even sings. Anything to create irresistible energy and atmosphere.

I want my audience having fun, Not falling asleep, or going off to the bar for a beer.

                                Technasia is a part of Luciano’s Cadenza music label

At first I tought that party last night is going to be quite lame and boring. But, I was apparently mistaken. Charles was really great. He was spinning for three hours, fusion of tech house, techno and disco house. It was very nice groove. Really nice vibe in the club last night. I felt I was back in season 2008/2009. He played some retro house anthems, made quite a mess in first rows. Fans would not let Him go, so Charles had to do an  encore. What can I say, only that I really appreciate old school djs. They really know how to take people on a journey thru various  kinds of electronic sounds. No matter what kind of music gender : house, techno, deep, electro or  disco, old school djs are doing it right, breaking the ultimate barriers.

Since, This is my last party overview for my favorite city club. I can just conclude that, although I was skeptical at the beginning, this clubbing season was really high-quality. There were some really good performances in the Tube. I liked that Tube promoted variety of local djs, which was much more fun then season 2010/2011. Lale, Marko Vukovic, Lea Dobricic, Tijana T, MIlan Drca, Fakir had really great gigs also Disco Hell nights were awesome and full of positive energy. Next to season 2009. , this was my favorite clubbing  season in the Tube. I am happy that I heard variety of  music genders. There was a bit of Detroit: Rolando, Aril Brikha and Carl Craig. Also a touch of London created by  mister Terry Francis. Also, New techno German school as Ben Klock and Dj duo Pan-Pot.  Followed by the most popular Producers of  the present  as Nina Kraviz, Maceo Plex, H.O.S.H. and Tini.

I notice that two last seasons The Tube has received some new educational character. Since, there are so many MIlle Vanille people attending every event, in one moment I began to think that organisation, owners and PR wants to convert average Serbians  into ravers. To show Them the beauty and the essence of  uncommercial electronic music and help Them to become  better and more open-minded.

Yeah right?? Well, not really.  The club is making lots of money and It was always full beyond capacity, there’s  no selection on the entrance and everybody could enter. I don’t support this, but if club continues with great  line up, I don’t really care. I am going to  attend every party as much as I want to.

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