SHARE BY NIGHT: Party Review Actress & Redshape


Within SHARE Conference night program party was held in the Tube on Saturday 29.02. Main stars were Actress and Redshape. There was a bunch of people who attended SHARE, They were wearing white plastic bracelet with shere black sign. Lot of foreign people attended this event, tall blonde cute guys with Richie Hawtin haircuts. When I entered the club it was around  1 AM and the place was crowded. Actress started live performance in that time. Entire time I was chilling in  the lobby, because there wasn’t any free space on the dance floor. Actress is British Producer, famous by His live performances  in iconic club Fabric in London. Media describe Him as an artist who is so underground that even his friends doubt that he  exists. I can’t comment on His live act because his music is very unconventional, too much for my taste. I don’t really understand this style. This is deep underground. The good thing was Actress manage to disperse people to other clubs, so there was finally a space for dancing and breathing.

                                         WHO IS THE GUY BEHIND THE MASK? 

                                                        This one is from Watergate club, Berlin


Second artist who performed was Redshape. He did also a live act. The man behind the mask lives in Berlin, he does a rocking live act and he’s released half a dozen tracks over the last year or so on labels such as Delsin, Styrax Leaves and Music Man.  He has studied a lot of old Detroit techno records: His sound is a new update on old school templates, and it’s getting a thorough rinsing by DJs as diverse as Laurent Garnier, Josh Wink, Âme and Cassy. Redshape did very powerful live act , full with strong argute techno sounds. The closure of the party was really nice , around 50 people stayed until the very end. Quite housy and groovy from miss Tijana T. She played music for an hour, quite carefully selected track list.

This party was officially the end of SHARE Conference 2. I had really nice time on entire SHARE, on Body & Soul party in KC Grad and yesterday in the Tube.

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