SHARE Conference 2: Day 3 Review

         Caring is Sharing! 

Hello, there. Yesterday was 28.04. the closing day of Share Conference in Belgrade. Very nice weather indeed and very vibrant atmosphere in the city. I went to check out one interview in St. James on the upper floor of Dom Omladine where the Conference is held. I was looking forward to hear interview with musician Redshape. But, unfortunately due to mistake written in the day program of official SHARE web site, I wasn’t able to hear it because it happened a day earlier, second day of  SHARE. So, I heard something different, but also very interesting. An Interview with AntiVJ. AntiVJ is small group and label, made by European visual artists. Their work is  focused on the use of projected light and its influence on human perception. They present live performances and installations followed by electronic music, providing to the audience a sense of challenging experience. This label is consisted of Visual artists:
Simon Geifulus, Yannick Jacquet, Joanie Lemercier, Olivier Ratsi, Romain Tardy. Also, one musician: Thomas Vaquie.

Interview was really good, there was a three guys from AntiVJ. They gave really straightforward answers on all questions and really good explanation  who They are, what are They doing, and how does label function for now and which are Their goals.


I guess the closing day was really artistic, which is good.  There was another art group, this one is  from Russia. Voina (In Russian means War) is provocative street-art group known for its politically charged performance art. Voina has been involved in a variety of subversive actions which were a way of fighting against the police, the regime and the system.

Art group VOINA’ is a left-wing radical anarchist collective whose central goal is to carry out PR actions directed against the authorities, and specifically against law enforcement officials with the aim of discrediting them in the eyes of the public. Branches of VOINA exist in all major Russian cities. The group’s sympatizers number approximately 3000. VOINA members maintain contacts with anarchist groups and individuals from all around the world holding left-wing radical views on art and on the world order (Italy, Slovakia, France, USA, South Africa, Greece). 

I love those  rebels They are quite cool, They have some  balls to  perform stuff like this.


Well, for the end just to conclude that SHARE was really awesome. I am happy I took part in this event. There was couple of mistakes with program, but it’s ok, nobody is perfect. It was quite fun and educational to be there. Now, I know more about russian artists, where are technology and internet going in modern society, also more about Transumanism and what future will bring.


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