Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts live @ SHARE2 by Night

Hello there, It’s just me again. There was a party last night in space of KC Grad within SHARE by Night. KC Grad is located under Branko’s bridge I think people call that area Sava Mala (Little Sava). Entrance was allowed only with Share bracelet so basically only participants in SHARE Conference could attend the party. But, of course couple of rednecks always manage to get in  somehow. Local support were djs Deki Milicevic and Marko Milosavljevic who did intro. In  time when I came with my friend Selena and met Johana and Her friend there wasn’t much people in side. Everybody were chatting and drinking bear and wine in garden of KC Grad. It was very relaxed home atmosphere. Around 2 AM the real party started inside the club. It was very crowdy, especially around the bar. Yes, there is just one bar and that is not really good, because One need to spend much time waiting for a drink. Due to worm weather in Belgrade inside the club people were very much sweaty, but in good mood for dancing and partying.

The main star of the evening was Guillaume Coutu Dumont: African nomad, king of the Montréal techno scene, leader of the band Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts. This guy is from Montreal, Canada. But, as scene there is not really rich He moved to Berlin, Germany. Guillaume is the real student of music. Studied electroacoustic  in college, anthropology, latin and classical percussion. He went to Africa in 2001 as a percussionist with a jazz band called X.  The whole idea was to go and play the St. Louis Jazz Festival. But at the end They finished in a small African village Linguare located north in the desert. Where He lived with a family of percussionists. Today, He is a member in a band, Producer and a DJ.

To be frank I never heard about this guy before, I didn’t even know His name. But, He blew me away with good live performance. Sound is full with percussions, deep and funky with touch of latino. Very danceable and groovy. I felt very good during the entire act. After He finished with loud applause from the audience Marko Nastic continued in His style. Marko needs no special introduction. I recommend this dj always and anywhere. Played lot of cool danceable vocal tracks  I never heard before. Marko is one of my all time favorites. Not because He is Belgrader, but because this guy knows how to make a real party and make your ass move all night long.  Very good party indeed.

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