SHARE Conference 2: Day One Review


Yesterday was 26.04. the First day of Share Conference 2 in Belgrade. Share Conference is about:  Internet, New Technologies, Media, Art and Music. So, I can describe and give a short review how it looks like and how it feels to be there and take part as a listener.

taking place in Dom Omladine in Downtown. There is Day program and Night program. Day program is consisted from various lectures, from 12:30 to 20h PM. When I came yesterday it was bunch of people in front of the building. I went inside to take my ticket , which is actually a bracelet, white made of plastic with SHARE black sign. Everything is happening so fast. It is full with young people from all various cities and areas of former Yugoslavia and Abroad. Hipsters and not wanna be Hipsters are everywhere. Drinking coffee in the bar ( in the lobby), on computers, inside, outside.  Everybody wears  sunglass in the building, everybody looks very cool. Lap Tops, Cameras, Apples and the rest of smart phones are everywhere, everybody is using Wi-Fi, talking on Facebook, Twittering , publishing, telling the rest of the world where are They and what are They up to. Seems like New Age Serbia. Totally modern :))).

There is a three spaces, Amphitheater on the lower floor and hall Americana and St. James on the upper floor. In the lobby people can watch live lectures on the screen. Also, lectures are presented live on the Internet. As I said everything is happening so constantly, people are moving in and out,the Lecturers have 30 minutes time to present their own work in the best way as possible.

I was on  Fatima al Quadiri lecture. She is New York based artist, musician and composer. But, I didn’t find Her presentation very interesting to be cincere. This is Her website take a look: Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to attend entire lecture of Quinn Norton. I cough it at the end, when I entered crowded  amphitheater  She was talking about global identities created on the Internet. Quinn Norton is a writer and photographer whose work has appeared in Wired News, The Guardian, Make Magazine, Seed, FAIR, Irish Times  and others. She covers science, technology and law copyright, robotics, computer security, intellectual property, body modification, medicine, and other topics that catch her attention. This is Her blog

Around  16:30 Khannea Suntzu started Her/His presentation. Well, this was quite interesting. She is a blogger, futurist and transgender transhumanist and conceptual artist.

Magazines such as La Monde, CGW and have written about her on several occasions in articles dealing with virtual prostitution, inside Second Life. Khannea held a brief presentation at Creating Change suggesting that media such as MMORPGS, and especially Second Life were gearing up to be a “bisexuality” and “sexual deviancy” incubation factory, allowing males as (well as) females to experiment with alternative lifestyles, genders and modes of being, many of those acutely transhuman and acutely libertarian in nature. Khannea supports radical democratization and advocates the extension of fundamental human rights, and sounds a warning about the dangers of “technological unemployment” in creating effectively irreversible societal divisions. She argues for proactive social activism against disparity. This is Her blog

So, Khannea talked about Transhumanity. What is that? Well,this is one really interesting topic to think about. Maybe it’s best to read this article on Wiki because I am not really into it that much and I found it hard to explain. Click this link: , also this article  Also She was talking about how will world look like in 2050 and how much technology will grow that in one moment machines will do many things instead humans. That will cause high unemployment of for example working class, and how much that will affect modern society and social order. Who will make money and who will not !

After Her there was Caroline Drucker promoting This is one of my favorite web sites where I listen dj sets and mixes. Sound awakens emotions, recollections, daydreaming. It’s exciting and inspiring. Soundcloud website it’s not just about the music, there is all kind of sounds recorded, for example there One can find lectures and other things people recorded. This web site is growing very quickly ever day, Soundcloud has  million new users every month. People are using it on computers and phones. Soundcloud is social, it is easy to share sounds on all social networks and blogs.

After this lecture, around 17:30 new on-line magazine BTURN was presented. Bturn NGO is a registered non-profit organisation devoted to promoting new Balkan culture and the arts. Our mission is to present fresh artistic and cultural initiatives that shed new light on inter-regional, as well as European perspectives of what Balkan is and may grow out to be. Take a look at the web site, there is a lot of cool stuff about Balkans.

Khannea Suntzu  on SHARE Conference

                                        Photos by

For the end just to note that SHARE is very cool event. Lectures are short and streight -forward, it’s not that kind of lecturers that will blow your mind, change youre entire perception and your life. But, it is good to hear some new ideas and different people stories that will help to explore new things on internet, fallow trends and collect new knowledge.

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