Are You ready for Carl Cox?

Mister Carl Cox is probably as You all know the one of the greatest  and most popular djs of all time. The man who changed everything and placed Techno music  to its rightful place. Carl was born on island of  Barbados, but moved to United Kingdom. Great love for music Carl inherited from His parents.  As the 70’s became the 80’s He followed the musical trend from soul to disco to hip-hop but it wasn’t really until He moved to Brighton in year 1986. where He  discovered, along with so many others, the pure thrill of acid house which was the most trendy music gender back in the days and in USA it’s still popular. He had the biggest breakthrough in London  back in 1988.  In that time Carl started to combine music spinning records from three decks. He got so popular, the telephone couldn’t stop ringing, everybody wanted The three Deck wizard. He was one of the guys who made the history of UK club culture. Carl performed on the opening night at Rampling’s legendary Shoom, running The Project with Oakie as well as holding a residency at  Brighton’s ZAP club. With His reputation as a DJ, He was able to turn attentions towards producing. He had  first hit in year 1992. with song I Want You

Believe me, no one was more surprised than me when I found myself performing on Top Of The Pops when my record peaked at number 23 in the UK charts!! 

Despite the fact that the follow-up song Does It Feel Good To You also charted in the top 40, commercial success was never what He had been aiming for, it was all somewhat too far removed from the reality and buzz of setting a dance floor alight. One of the best performance Carl had been guess where?

On the one and only Love Parade set in capital of  Techno Berlin in the twilight of the 20 century which was the culmination of the Rave culture , where 1.500.000 ravers from all around the Glob danced to His music. It was in 1999.  the motto of Love Parade was Music is the Key. Oh, I wish I was there back then, to glorify the true spirit of rave : Love, Peace and Unity.

Out of so many highs it is difficult to pin-point the peak for me – it is a close call between The Love Parade and the dawn of the millennium. Playing for a crowd of 1,500,00 up-for-it clubbers in Berlin was the ultimate DJing experience in terms of seeing how wide-reaching music can be but then being lucky enough to see in the millennium not once but twice – first on Bondi pavilion, then hopping on a jet over the timeline to Honolulu, Hawaii, was also pretty special.  

Great Carl Cox will perform on Saturday , 28th April in Belexpocentar in Belgrade. It has been 8 years since His last performance, which was on Urban Experience Festival that lasted for three days in 2004. on Kalemegdan Fortress. He played Techno and House a day before Richie Hawtin. The support for this new event will be young  Dave Floyd, House Dj and  Producer  from Belgrade. Avalon Production and Music label Intec Digital, Carl made more than 10 years ago, will present the ultimate Spirit of Revolution parties started on Ibiza. In the same time famous DJ will promote  last music album  named  All Roads Lead To The Dancefloor.  Ticket charge is 25 euro.

Just to say at the End that Carl is one of three DJs Serbian people very much adore. First is David Guetta, second is Carl Cox and third is Richie Hawtin. Lot of people who aren’t actually clubbers are going to this big event, because everybody knows about Carl Cox and that He plays Techno. So, some people will feel very cool if They attend this event, even If They actually don’t know anything about Techno music and Rave culture. I have personally never been fan of His music style, but I respect Him as a figure who made the difference and whole concept of Electronic music. He is the great master.

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