DORCOL: Manuel for Lost, Found & Around

Well, I want to tell you something about Dorcol, but I don’t really have idea how to describe and present it in a way You can understand the importance of this part of Belgrade. Dorcol is old part of the city and also the downtown. The name Dorcol/Dortjol means   crossroads in old Turkish language. In the past this was the multicultural place where different nationalities as : Turks, Serbians, Jews, Dubrovnians (people from Dubrovnik, Croatia) and Gypsies lived. Before World War II there were lot of Jewish people living in Belgrade. They came in 16th century from Spain and Western Europe. The entire Jewish quart was destroyed in bombing of Belgrade on 6th April 1941. From 20.000 Jews living in Belgrade, after the holocaust just 2.000 people survived and moved to Western Europe. Today, there is just one street in Dorcol named Jevrejska ulica ( Jewish street) which is remain of the Jewish part that was destroyed.  Also, there is the Yewish museum in famous Kralja Petra (Kind Peter) street near Jevrejska street and one  Synagogue in the center of the city. Today, just Serbs and Gypsies live on Dorcol. Dorcol is consists of two parts, lower and upper part.

Upper part is consisted of main street famous  Knez Mihajlova, Republic square place for meetings and demonstrations with famous statue of Knez Mihajlo riding a horse. On Republic square one can see National Museum and National Theatre. Also, the part of  Kalemegdan fortress, Ethnographic museum, Faculty for Philosophy, Faculty for Philology, Faculty of Science, Student square and Kolarac. The lower part of Dorcol is made by many narrow streets full with green, it goes from Cara Dusana street until the river. Here  is lower part of Kalemegdan fortress,the City made the new cool museum next to Nebojsa tower. There is also couple of small museums and faculties in this part of Dorcol.  Famous street is Skadarlija (Bohemian quart) , looks very old made of paving stone. This is the place with bars and traditional restaurants and music.

Dorcol is the heart of the city, full with history: small monuments, interesting streets, bars , restaurants, clubs,buildings, galleries, museums. It is totally different then other parts of Belgrade and has specific and unique spirit. How to explain You….??…. Let’s just say that living on Dorcol for Belgraders has the same prestige and importance as living on Manhattan for New Yorkers. Since entire Sex and the City adoration started Belgraders made a  joke, Dorcol as Manhattan, Belgrade as New York. Everything happens on Dorcol Manhattan. It’s the best place for living or staying in Belgrade. The most dynamic and the most beautiful part of the town. Siting, cheating, smoking and drinking coffee in popular bars around Dorcol during working hours and at night  is the sacred duty of the  locals.



           Well, I made this post about Dorcol to promote the new guide in English language, Dorcol: Manuel for Lost, Found & Around. This project was made by Super Market Concept Store and magazine You can find it in Super Market Concept store, it looks very useful and fun.


                                                                                                                                                Photos via web site:

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