31. Amstel Fashion Week in Belgrade

Belgrade Fashion Week is one of my favorite events. This is 31st edition of  this event and it’s taking place in various locations around the city such as: Belexpocentar, Etnographic Museum, Mixer House and National Museum on Republic Square. It started in Saturday from 31st March and it lasts until today, closing fashion show will be by Bata Spasojevic in National Museum. Well, I haven’t really got time to check it out this time, but I think I am going to  visit closing show this evening. Probably I would need an invitation for this show, but thanks God I am an archeologist and that’s enough to enter  National museum, xaxaxxax;)

Well, I have visited couple of previous Fashion Weeks and I liked it , it’s very  much fun, especially if One enters VIP room and drink for free. For that You will need to know some people from fashion world or some reporters. Belexpocentar is a big space where majority of the shows are held. Consists of  two rooms, Black and White, small VIP room and a lobby where you can have a drink if you are just a ordinery visitor. Black room is my favorite, sometimes One can enter Fashion Week even if She/He doesn’t have an invitation, but sometimes rules are very clear, it depends on the  popularity of designer I guess. Belgrade Fashion Week is of course not that good  as popular Fashion Weeks in Milan, London, NYC or Berlin, but We have some really good designers and some really fun Fashion shows so it is worth for attending. I admit that I am a Fashion fan, or more likely Fashion look fan. I support tall skinny models and handsome looking guys, even if  They are gay, who cares.

Fashion Weeks in Belexpocentar sometimes look like a fair. Lot of people, celebrities from Turbo Folk world, Rednecks followed by elderly ladies who are there to take everything They can find for free. These are usually things donated on promotions such as:  make up, sweets or bags. Sometimes it is very noisy during the shows, people are talking and gossiping, like see this model She has no ass, or Her breasts are too small, or this one  is a junky, or this guy is Gay, or I have slept with this one, and so on…

But, the truth is that We have some really good designers as Bata Spasojevic, JSP Fashion by sister Prokovic, and I love guys and girls from Choomich/Belgrade Design District. If One wants to buy pieces of clothing by best Serbian designers  needs to check out showrooms in downtown, Belgrade Design District and Super Market Concept store in Visnjiceva street on Dorcol.

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