Pornographic label night: Cristian Varela & Marco Bailey@KPGT

Hello my dear readers. First, I want to thank you for reading and sharing my previous post. I notice that there were many comments on Facebook, just to note that I don’t respond  to  any comments posted on social networks, if you want feedback post your comment on ExploringBelgrade. Some people didn’t quite understand what author wanted to say  in post Party Review: Argy@the Tube, but every text is subject of individual and subjective  interpretation so it is really not my fault if some people didn’t catch it and I don’t really care.  But, in any case I will give the response right now. Last party review wasn’t about Belgrade vs Berlin, or Belgrade’s clubbing scene vs Berlin’s clubbing scene, or even Belgrade DJs vs Berlin DJs. I guess some of You didn’t fallow my writings, I slipped the concept of Berlin, also my favorite German labels as Kompakt , Mobille and Ostrgut Ton and German DJs and clubs many times in this blog. I am a great found of all those things. Berlin is great cultural and electronic music center. Also, maybe the best place for clubbing and nightlife in entire Europe. Very important city for arts, history, human rights , freedoms, especially entire concept of sex and gender  which I already noted in one of my posts. Belgrade is much different place and clubbing scene is much different due to many reasons, among other thins mentality of the citizens. Once my friend born Berliner who is btw professor of violin, said that You can’t live in Berlin if you dislike techno, everybody likes techno. In Belgrade it’s completely different situation, this is city where 50% listens to Turbo folk (Balkan Trashy Music) so clubbing scene is not  big, but it is good quality, much better then in some cities in the region like Zagreb or Athens. Recent years clubbers could heare many good foreign artist, I will just note Cockta parties in SKC couple of years ago( Michael Mayer, Steve Bug, Luciano), also other parties in SKC, Posejdon, Plastic  and Dom Omladine, KC Grad in 2009/2010 hosted many of Kompakt’s artists, followed by the  good bookings in the Tube since 2008., more than 10 years of Exit Music festival in Novi Sad,Green Beat Festival,  Shere Conference  and other clubs as Mamolo, Energy, 20/44 and Wash. We have good old and new school DJs. That’s the reason I wrote that We are a bit spoiled, and that We expect very best from Berlin artists. Young and talented  Argy didn’t make so good performance, it was not the worst ever of course, it was fine but something was missing. Lot of my friends didn’t enjoy that party. I never said that it’s easy to become popular producer or DJ in Germany with that much competition, I just noted that talented artist/musicians  have more chance to make their name and career in some western states then here in Serbia, where lot of good artist were underestimated or underrated.

This is non profit blog, I started it just for fun with idea to write about clubbing scene, events and artists in Belgrade. Actually, to promote Belgrade in a good way. I had no idea that this blog will became popular, but I am happy it did. Popularity rapidly has increased since Berlin DJ Duo Pan Pot shared Party Review  from the Tube on their official Facebook page, followed by Matthew Hoag, Valentino Kanzyani, Lea Dobricic and others. I got a bunch of emails and messages of other bloggers who write about clubs and electronic music, claiming that Belgrade seems really fan to visit and asking for directions for partying in the city. There is no picture of Belgrade in the background, for  two reasons: first I didn’t find any appropriate big picture with good resolution of Belgrade on the web, second I always loved the joke that was popular Belgrade as NYC, Dorcol as Manhattan, apropo Sex & the City lifestyle. Everything happens on Dorcol Manhattan.

So this is a private blog, if you don’t like it , what are you doing here?!!  Why are you wasting your precious time?!!! Go find Yourself a boyfriend or a girlfriend or something between. Get a life and fuck off, spread your inner frustrations and your hatred elsewhere.

I am sorry for broad overture. This post is review of Pornographic label party held in KPGT in Belgrade on Saturday. KPGT  was old sugar refinery, now big well hidden place for parties. I haven’t been there for ages, actually since excellent Cafe del Mar party that was around  seven years ago. Pornographic label party is a unique event for hedonistic techno lovers where two Techno deities Cristian Varela and Marco Bailey perform. Story about this party starts guess where? On Ibiza. Party promotes the fusion of techno, minimal and funky, followed by pornographic dancers.

Cristian Varela needs no special introduction. He is the best Spanish dj, won 25 prizes for Best dj, best label, best producer etc. He composed music for fashion shows, movies, theater plays and other events. Fashionable Spaniard with remarkable career, performed on all best festivals and clubs around the glob.

Marco Bailey comes from Belgium. In  year 2000. He joined forces with Christian Varela to set up Pornographic Recordings. Plays hard techno, minimal and tech-house.

Marco B.

Cristian  V.

On this party  Techno deities were supported by: KERKEZ LIVE/ Macedonia, Soma, Lucky Records, Kerkez Music, SPEEDY/ Pornographic, Lucky Records, Funky Criminimalz, GORAN ISIC / Vezotonik, Lucky Records, Funky Criminimalz, 
PREDRAG JANUS / Funky Criminimalz, DEJAN MILICEVIC / Recon Warriors, Lucky Records, Burn DJ Team. 

When I enter the space of KPGT was around  1 AM and soon I lost my friends somewhere in the crowd, there was a lot of people. But, as always I found some other friend that I know and join Them, mostly guys. That’s how it happens on big rave parties, always lose somebody and find somebody else. Great party. Techno is pure energy, universal language, an addiction and a lifestyle. Have to say dancers were really fun with masks, outfits and red tanga🙂 , made quite a fair in first rows. Seems like everybody had nice time. Speedy performed His sexcellent new track Wet Nurse, if you don’t know it check it on You Tube, it is very cool. Cristian was great as always.

Take a look:

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