Party Review: Argy@The Tube

   New underground tech/deep house DJ and Producer Argyris Theofillis   aka DJ Argy performed last night at best Belgrade’s club The Tube. Argy was born on the most distant Greek island, island of Rhodes. With Mediterranean mentality and love for arts He began to mix creativity and new ideas with technology. As many artist He moved to Berlin, Germany where He made the name in electronic music industry making very quality music tracks. In 2005. Argy released  track Love Dose, which was remixed by master Luciano. Since then, He was working for many labels from Sven Vath’s Cacoon and Poker Flat via Denis Ferrer’s House music label Objectivity and Defected. Nowdays, takes part in Luciano’s Cadenza. He felt in love with clubbing, nightlife and electronic music subculture as teenager traveling and visiting House music clubs in United States. He makes mixture of the music genders:  techno via deep and tech house. As true art lover, He finds beauty in many things ( not just music and different sounds) such  as: architecture and visual arts. Also, He is found of  Jazz,  Bossa nova and African music.

Yesterday evening DJ Fakir did quite nice worming up playing deep trendy deep house tracks. I am quite satisfied that chance for playing music  in the best Belgrade club was given to Zeljko ( Fakir). This season is much more divers when it comes to music genders and local/global booking, and I find that very cool and interesting. Hearing Nicone’s and Sasha Breamer’s Dreamer in the club while drinking cocktail feels very up lifting. There is a new thing in the Tube, it calls Mixology which is actually Happy hour for cocktails, price is on discount and that is around 2,8 euros now per cocktail, but of course happy hour lasts only to 12:30 AM and One can’t choose every cocktail He/She desires. There is a limited possibility, so I was standing on the bar and drinking something with rum this time. After Zeljko (Fakir) finished His intro, young music star was on the decks. Well, I have to say I am not really impressed with His performance. I expected much more from this guy. I never heard Argy’s performance so I don’t know, maybe just it wasn’t His night. I didn’t find dj set exciting or different than many other who made average parties. Argy played faster tech house tracks and it seems that He was trying but in my modest opinion He needs much more experience in playing music and making dj sets, also in  understanding and entertaining the crowd. It is not that difficult nowdays to become a popular dj in Germany when you have good technology and inspiration for making good tracks. In Belgrade there is so much parties every week and good djs are performing constantly, so yes We are bit spoiled and We expect much more from parties and popular music stars. In some moments  music Argy played was quite good , but in others was quite boring and lame.

After Argy finished, Dejan Milicevic replaced and continue to play in His recognizable music style. Well, unfortunately some artist from this side of the Europe (Banana Republics) don’t have the chance to become popular that easy. This guy Deki has around 15 years  of experience in playing music starting from the early 90’s in famous club Industria via popular Festivals around the world, but I could bet that He would be much bigger name if He was born in Berlin or Amsterdam, probably He would be resident of some famous club, of course it doesn’t mean that The Tube isn’t famous, as much as I know club made it into Top 100 Best  World clubs.

Argy playing in the Tube, Oasis by Petar Dundov:



And something for the End, something from Deki Milicevic Eat the Beat , starring Serbian models:


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