Party Review: Vibe Yourself Techno Party@KGB

Hello there, dear readers. Belgrade is very busy and vibrant this days. Lot of events and parties are happening in the town. Weather is very pleasant, around 20 degrees. So, Yesterday it was Saturday night and I was in the mood for some playing around the city. I visited four clubs last night. First I checked out new place called KGB located in Kapetan Misina street in Old town (Dorcol Manhattan) , after I went to Mixer House which is also new place in town, located in a popular clubbing area under Branko’s bridge, next to Disco bar Mladost. Sound system in the space was awful, so I left with a few friends and went to bar Mladost. I had a drink and left to Secer club located also in heart of the city in Svetogorska street. Munich disco crew Champain Bros made really cool party there, but at the end I went back to KGB where the best party last night was held.

When I entered the space of KGB bar it was a bit strange, because I didn’t realise at first that it has a basement. In the basement, xm the real downtown underground party started. First it was just couple of people, friends of the DJs drinking beer and cocktails, but in an hour lot of people came and place was crowded. This basement is nothing fancy, but it is functional space and Sex on the beach was cheap and good made, so that’s pretty enough for me. This was second edition of the Vibe Yourself: Junior series  parties  in organization of Events promote newcomers of Serbian electronic music scene. Following DJs performed: Lea Dobricic ( Bosphorus underground recordings), Vid Marjanovic ( I am Techno), Predrag Janus (Lucky Records), Adji and Randy Mihajlovic (Theremin, Etoka, Lavel One) with special guest from Zagreb Petra Lisicar aka DJ Lilonee.

DJ Lilonee is living in USA. She released tracks for labels such as :  FreakAudium Recordings, Killacell Recordings, Prozak Records, RELDZ Recordings, Take More Music Records. Her style is Jackin techno. Performed next to music stars as Webba and Cari Lekebush.

DJ Lilonee


DJ Lea Dobricic

                        For the end just to note that this underground party was a proof that real techno is not dead. The New Belgrade techno school and a foreign guest made really nice party. All the guys and the girls played nice sets, when I got back there it was around 5 AM it was still crowdy and people were still dancing.

Take a look:



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