Party Review: Kristian Beyer & Tijana T@The Tube

 Ame is German DJ and Production duo. It consists of two German guys, Kristian Beyer and Frank Wiedemann. They play and create Tech and Deep house music. Labels: Berlin’s Sonar Kollektiv, Jezzanova, Ostrogut Ton, Innervisions.

Innervisions is music label promoting various sounds as tech and deep house. This label collects the best electronic music artists of Today such as: Henrik Schwarz, Todd Terje, Agoria and my favorit Berlin’s dj Dixon. Influenced by Detroit techno, Chicago and New York house, Ame made unique sounds which are the mixture of different electronic music genders, sometimes very deep and dark. The most popular release was Âme – Rej EP (INNERVISIONS), also  Âme – Kuma/Engoli (SonarKollektiv), Âme – ÂmeCD (SonarKollektiv)
Âme – Mifune / Shiro,  Âme – Ojomo / Nia and Âme – Sarari / Hydrolic Dog. 

 One part of Ame dj duo, Kristian Beyer performed last Friday at the Tube. I had second tought about writing this review, because I expected much more of this party. Intro did local star Tijana T. She was playing until 2 AM, after that Kristian was on the decks. In my opinion Tijana T is much better dj for playing music along  closing hours, it fits more Her style, which would be actually outro not intro. But actually, Kristian Beyer did quite well job, playing some quality music, deep and tech-house sounds like I already noted. He played my all time favorite dance floor bomb Green Velvet ft. Russoul- Mille Vanille and one really nice track  Fet and Moi- Paris is for lovers, following more cool danceable tracks. But, the problem was the atmosphere in the club was strange, due to the people who were there. Until 3:30 AM was really fun on the dance floor, but somehow in couple of moments crowd changed, all the cool people left and many rednecks showed up. There was no E from the Energy that was in the Tube two weeks ago when Aril Brikha played, no fluid between Beyer and the terrible crowd. I don’t know why but this happens a lot on some parties in Belgrade. Rednecks are everywhere sometimes, even in underground clubs. They spoil everything when They show up. At the end it was quite disappointing party.

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