Party Review: Valentino Kanzyani@Studio 69

      It was Thursday night, my friends and I intended to go out and find cool place with nice atmosphere and music. Our first choice was KC Grad where some of local dj’s played in the Vibe Yourself: Junior Series parties. At our way to the club one friend (Bobby the Legend) said that Valentino Kanzyani is playing in one new club in Belgrade called Studio 69 in famous Bigz building (were some of unforgettable underground parties were held during the past years). We were so surprised and no one from our crew didn’t  even tried to contradict, but we decided to check the KC Grad first.

Like I said our first goal was to find some cool place with atmosphere and music. Unfortunately, in KC Grad were only 20 people (counting our crew which consists of 10 people). We took one drink and moved to Studio 69.

Valentino Kanzyani needs no special introduction, so I will just write couple of words. Tine Kocjancic aka Valentino Kanzyani is Slovenian DJ/Producer and Remixer. He become famous in Slovenia when He started to spin records back in 1995. with college Umek in famous club Ambasada Gavioli. He released records for Recycled Loops and His own label Jesus Loved You from 2005. Valentino manages to spin vinyls from 3 turntables simultaneously. Plays music all around the glob, in clubs and famous music festivals as  Dance Valley, Awakenings, Mayday, Time Warp, Love Parade, etc.

So I’ll just say that he played very, very good set mostly tech-house oriented or better say stylish tech-house oriented with touch of deep and sexy vocals. The crowd really enjoyed his set and it was a real underground party. The people were in a good mood and there were no Mille Vanille people like Christine like to say.

The Studio 69 is new place in town opened earlier this year. It’s cool place with very low prices, stylish people and one giant disco ball which I find very cool. One little minus is that you have to wait a few minutes more than usual to have your drink because there is only one bar but it’s not so scary. For those people like me, who like to sit, drink and move left-right while sitting, there are chairs and tables all over the club. In Studio 69 you can hear a wide range of music – from deep to tech-house via minimal.

If you asking me you should definitely come and check this new place in Belgrade.

Authors: Urosh Digital and Cristine C.

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