Fest 2012: Film Review part II

Hello, Today I will continue with my film reviews. I will present two movies.  First is German production movie  Crack in the Shell  and second  is remake of British classic Wuthering Heights. Crack in the shell (Die Unsichtbare) has very interesting topic. Starring  Stine Fischer Christensen and Ulrich Noethen. Film is set in contemporary Germany, but I didn’t quite understand in which city exactly. Topic  is about world of  theater, where students have roles in one play. The main character is Fine, introvert young actress who gets the main role in a theater play. She will play Camille, very sexual girl who is in a fight with her inner demons. A play is directed by famous German director, He sees in Fine complex and twisted personality who will be excellent as Camille. Fine has difficult background, frustrated mother and very sick sister. She has no experience in sex, but she needs to explore Herself and Her inner nature to find right features for performing  main role in a play. Movie is quite good and exciting,also in some parts very funny. In some way it shows the cruelty of theater life that audience do not notice and  understand. I think this is the first movie I have seen with this topic, maybe it could be a bit similar as Black Swan, but much better and more realistic.

Second film is remake of  the famous Wuthering Hights from 2011. Based on a novel, written by British author Emily Bronte in 1846. Novel was printed under the pseudonym Ellis Bell, posthumous second edition was edit by Her sister Charlotte Bronte, who was by the way author of the  novel Jane Eyre. It is a love story between  Catherine Earnshaw and good-looking Heathcliff. This passion will destroy Cathy and Heathcliff and even people around Them. UK is known as a country with the most prominent class differences even today in 21st century, can You imagine what was it like back then ?! Haethcliff is a young black poor guy who was an orphan, which was adopted by Catherine’s father good Christian. This is not just a girly love story as I tought before I watched new remake, it is very complex and stratified story. It is a mixtur of love and hatred.

Since, I haven’t read the book or seen some of the old movies I can’t tell is it  Wuthering Hights remake good one or maybe the worst adaptation ever. The movie is quite long. I just notice that lot of people were living cinema before the end of the movie, which means it is quite boring. Also, notice that  there are some undefined situations in the film which I didn’t quite understand and actors are a bit strange.  But, In my case I would recommend You to watch this film. I am not really big fan of classics, but now I have desire to read this novel, published in mid 19th century.

For the end of this post just to note that I will soon write three more reviews of films on International Film Festival in Belgrade 2012. Since, me and Bosko are seeing  just one movie gender, which is drama, I hope We will not soon convert to drama queens. Converting to drama queen is not that difficult to me given that I am a cancer.

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