Music project in Belgrade: Royal Thunder Drum Line-US/Serbian Cultural Exchange

      Hello again, my dear readers. Do You like music and art? Do You feel like sponsoring one music project and helping young talents to work together and create one better world? What Do You think about US/Serbian cultural exchange?  This article is about one awesome project in Belgrade that will happen if students collect sufficient financial resources.  

This project is a cultural exchange designed to bring a professional Major League Baseball drum line to Serbia and bring two famous Serbian percussionists, Siniša Jović and Ivan Marjanović, to the U.S. The intent of this collaboration between the U.S. Drummer’s Collective and the Stanković Percussion Ensemble, the only drum line in Southern Europe, is to expose Serbian culture to the art of U.S. marching percussion while exposing the U.S. to the art of Serbian marching, orchestral and drum set percussion. This will be accomplished by having the Kansas City Royal Thunder Drum Line perform music indigenous to American culture and give clinics in one of the largest cultural centers in Europe: Belgrade, Serbia. In exchange Siniša Jović and Ivan Marjanović, will give performances and clinics throughout the U.S.

If You are interested in helping this project please go to this link :

You can donate as much money as You want. I already donated 10 $. This blog is read by at least 100 people per day. If every person that reads my blog donates just 10$, this project will collect 1000$ per day. It is not much for You, but it will mean very much for Them. Support music, art and cultural exchange, create a better world, be a human!


Watch Stankovic percussion ensemble in action:

Also, video about U.S. – Serbian Drumline Exchange:

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