Party Review: Aril Brikha@The Tube

  It was Friday 24th of February. The spring is coming I can feel it in the air. But not just spring. Some excellent  new energy and artists. This time The Tube hosted one very serious and unique musician. His name is Aril Brikha. Brikha was  Born in Tehran, Iran.  As  young guy He emigrated to Europe , Sweden. He began to compose music influenced by music artist such as : Jean Michel Jarre and Depeche Mode. Brikha created completely the new style, something between techno and house. Soon, He released tracks for Detroit label Transmit, whose owner is techno master Derick May. After that in 1998.  released  Art Of Vengeance EP (with Groove La Chord) on label Fragile, followed by LP Deeparture In Time, a collection of evocative grooves gathered over a six-year period and laid down with just one keyboard and  drum machine. Also, He is German’s Kompakt label artist. Brikha performs all around the glob, from DEMF (Detroit Electronic Music Festival) up to clubs such as London’s Fabric and Berlin’s Berghain.


                                                                                                                                                  Photos via

     To get back to the Tube. Intro did Serbian dj Dusan Kacarevic. I was with Urosh drinking cocktails in Alternativa bar, so We didn’t manage to hear His dj set. But, We were just in time for Aril Brikha’s. Space was full. Very crowdy dance floor. Lot of quality people and my clubbing friends. Not much phony, fake, fabricated and Mille Vanille people on this event, thanks Universe for that. Brikha did live act. Sincerely, He made awesome awesome awesome party!!!

 His sound is very unique. It is atmospheric, melodic techno, very deep and stratified in every segment. But, also very dynamic, like it or not this kind of music  will make your body move. Played lot of His production, but also for the end some  remixes of Depeche Mode tracks. It was very nice vibe in the air last night, I guess a lot of people will remember this performance. There was such a huge amount of energy in the club due to real hedonistic techno lovers who were in the club. Realy Awesome crowd. So much fluids between Brikha and the Tubers.

 While playing  Depeche mode songs , He recalled Us on past times when every dj set was closed with some all time hits, lowering music down, so He can  hear audience singing.  Outro did Milan Drca from The Wash and 20/44 dj crew. Milan was excellent as always, one of the best local djs for sure.

Thank you mister Aril Brikha, Hope to hear You again.

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