I love Kompakt

 Since, music label Kompakt realised some of Aril Brikha tracks, who will by the way perform on Friday in Belgrade’s club The Tube, I decided to write short text about my favorite music label. In the beginning there was a record shop in Cologne in West Germany. Record shop was opened in 1993. The name was Delirium. Owned by Wolfgang Voigt, Michael Mayer and Jurgen Paape. Label was founded in 1998, combining several other labels, popular record shop and event organisation. The sound that label promotes is Tech-House and Minimal. They are popular by music compilations Kompakt Total, promoting different electronic music artist and producers. Their music has a high level of aesthetics and sophistication with usually very fluent and danceable sounds. Those are the reasons I enjoy so much Kompakt.

Kompakt is the best German music label, next to Berlin’s Mobilee, Ostrogut Ton and Desolat. One of the owners Michael Mayer (my all time favorite DJs and Producers) once noted  how They all grow up listening to Pop music, so influenced by Pop They made abstract Techno tracks with elements such as vocals. There are also famous Kompakt  nights. Some of the label’s artist next to Aril Brikha are: Gus Gus, Oxia, Steve Bug, Superpitcher, Tobias Thomas, Jenny Cardini, John Dahlback and hundreds of others.

British music critic Simon Reynolds has described Kompakt as label that’s contributed more than any other to Germany’s dominance of electronic dance music this decade.

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