Party Preview: Guti & The girls@The Tube

   Hello there, my dear readers. It was friday night, one more clubbing episode at the Tube, best city club voted by party people in Belgrade. Since, Ben Klock performed in Wednesday  good line up continues with another foreign artist Guti from Desolat label. So, here I go with my previews up to season closing party.

I always hated when my close friends want to stay at home, play social games and drink during the weekends. I guess it’s ok during working days, but on the weekends, come on. For God’s sake let’s go out. I am not Natascha Kampusch. Let’s go play around the city, the city never sleeps.

I came little bit late to the party around 1:30 AM and met my dear friends M & M inside. Intro did Maja Uzelac, but I can’t comment on Her set because I caught it to late. So after intro by Maja,  Guti was on the decks. He did live act, playing music and keyboards. On the keyboards there was a big sticker Desolat. He was spreading really positive vibe on the dance floor, playing tech and housy tracks, also some from His own production which is very sexy with touch of latino and jazz sounds. Also, seems like Guti prefers tracks with female vocals, which are quite good and sophisticated. His live act lasted around 2 hours, maybe a bit more, but as We all know live acts are often shorter. His set was in my opinion very nice and exquisite. Playing lot of  low-frequency sounds, with ups and downs, making audience dancing,  smiling and enjoying. Lot of nice party people this time in the club and around the decks. For outro was in charge Tijana T. She managed to do nice outro. I love when She plays Acid House hits from the beginnings of the 90’s like Dirt Cash (1990) and You used to hold me Kenny’s mix (1987). Unfortunately, nobody plays that anymore.

                                         Tube’s desperate housewives Tijana & Maja

                                        Photo by A. Carevic

I love staying until late night/early morning hours, drinking cocktails and chating with my friends and acquaintance and that’s exactly what I did this Friday with Marko. What can I say I just love the Tube, feels like home.

For the end just to note that clubbing scene in Belgrade is like a small village. Everybody knows everybody, everybody likes everybody, everybody hates everybody. Just remember  what others think of You is not any of your business. Be Yourself and enjoy the party.

Cheers, xxxx


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