OMG, They are so Contemporary: The Art Collective Banda Panda


 Let’s talk about contemporary art. Banda Panda is an art collective. The main characters  in this collective are  two young, enthusiastic and fashionable city people, Dusan Lilic & Johana Bogicevic. The two of Them were born in Belgrade in 1987. Together They create DJ Duo, but it’s not all about music. Banda Panda (Gang Panda) is an open and flexible project that brings together young artists-visual artists, designers, musicians.

Concept of Banda Panda is not just to make parties somewhere in the city, but to create something more than just ordinary club events. With help of other people They create multimedia events with performances. I can describe those events as interventions in urban spaces, where visitors become active participants.


Dusan and Johana met during studies in 2006. Since, the first semester They became good friends and colleges. Idea for making Banda Panda art collective originated in 2010. , with a help of  friend Skye Reid. Very soon the first party was made.

Dusan was already experienced with playing music in the clubs. He was a part of DJ Duo Mladi Ljudi (Young People) with college of mine George Jovanovic. So, for Him this wasn’t something brand new. Since, 2010. until present, Banda Panda art collective  made numerous events around the city. They performed in Energy club, KC Grad, Boat 20/44, bar Mladost, Mint and many other places. They took part in Loud & Queer party which was held in space of  KC grad last year, where They made exhibition on second floor. In my opinion that was the best L&Q party ever. Banda Panda performed on Exit Festival in 2011. and took part in the night program of Belgrade Design Week, where Dusan and Johana did intro for well-known musicians  Lindstrom and Mathew Dear. Also, They played music next to House master Ludovic Llorca aka Art of Tones, NYC underground band Jessica 6 and Mikiko Morohashi in KC grad. Their music style is mix of techno, tech-house, deep house and electro. Parties are always crowded, I will describe Them as arty and groovy. Johana once noted that She would prefer parties to be more decadent and free spirit, but since this is Belgrade not Berlin and San Francisco people are too much posers and vain for more relaxing (not caring for other people opinion) behavior. For the end just to note that there is no strong dj organisations and labels behind Those two people, They made it all by Themselves. Made it step by step, today making popular parties in various locations around the city.

Recently, Banda Panda work is based on creating cool teasers with help of Nikola Pavlovic and other creative friends. Check Them out:

4 thoughts on “OMG, They are so Contemporary: The Art Collective Banda Panda

  1. This shit is cool.
    I wanna be a Banda Panda, Panda Banda, Manda Manda,
    Take my poems. Take my pictures.
    Make ’em Banda Panda.
    I haven’t seen anything this exciting since Andy Warhol’s Factory.

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