Composer and Percussionist Ksenija Komljenovic makes perfect music

 Music is what I Am, everything else is what I Do.

Today, I will present somebody brand new. So, guess what? This person is not DJ, not Producer and not even Remixer. She is my dear friend Ksenija Komljenovic composer and percussionist. Of course, I am not writing about Her on my blog for that reason. I decided to present Her because She is one very talented young musician. So, as You all know I am an expert for modern electronic music and Pop culture, not really classical music. But, this is brand new challenge for me and I will try to present Her in a fun way, without sounding cliché. I hope I will be successful.


                                                       Sounds like Carrie Bradshaw🙂

Ksenija or Xendza the way I call Her was born in 1988. in Belgrade. Ksenija finished Stankovic Music school in Belgrade. Where this smart nerd got good education in music theory, piano and percussion. As one of the most talented and respected students of Stankovic Music School She entered Faculty of Music Arts also in Belgrade, in 2007. Today, She is finishing Faculty, where She studies on two separate departments, composition and percussion. She was  part of student exchange program. Studied  in United States  on Illinois State University  in Bloomington. This student exchange program help Her a lot to get more education, expand horizons, meet new people, colleges, friends and  explore American culture which is very different then Serbian. This was very big life and professional experience for Her, where She was satisfied with American education system. As She told me, the best thing in American education system is that student makes His own way, chooses main subjects for attending and others which do not have to be connected with main subjects like jazz music, modern music or something else. So, Student can get a wide range of education  and in the same time have much fun learning. Also, She explained that in America working and practicing conditions are much better and impossible is nothing if One have enough talent and ambitions to succeed. When I read Her words I start to think that  American dream is really possible.

                                                                      Ksenija on Hawaii

She was studying in USA and also travelling around the big State, sometimes using Couchsurfing web site  and meeting local people. Ksenija is of course big jazz music fan, so it was a big pleasure for Her to attend  Jazz Festival in Chicago and see Kurt Elling American jazz vocalist and composer, even take photo with Him.

Ksenija & Kurt Elling on Chicago Jazz Festival

She was part of SPE (Stankovic Percussion Ensemble). But, since last year She is the person behind the scene, trying to assist the development and promote ensemble in bast possible way and to take part in projects. SPE consists of professors and student percussionists attending a prestigious Belgrade music school. The founders, arrangers and instructors of the ensemble are two professors well-known to the Serbian music scene: professor Sinisa Jovic and professor Ivan Marjanovic. The ensemble was founded in 2007 and created most of their music by emulating American and Swiss drum lines. After SPE took part in first season of famous TV show Serbs got talent  They become very popular. They had numerous performances around the city. Took part in events such as: Belgrade Summer Festival (BELEF), The Night of Museums, The Open Heart Street and The Joy of Europe. 

As composer and percussionist Ksenija  had  performances in Kolarac, JDP, Dom Omladine (Youth Center), Belgrade Arena, Universiade. Took part in TEDexYouth Belgrade conference where She was a lecturer, talking about SPE Project and how She was once a part of it. Within  Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra She was two weeks on tour around Italy. Also, within Madlenianum She was on tour in Russia (Saint Petersburg) played in comic opera Mandragola.

So for the end I must just note my personal experience about music Xendza plays and compose. I was ones at  performance in Kolarac, and it was very nice. Her composition was very pleasant for the ears and very emotional, I felt like I am between two worlds and in one moment I died and went to Heaven. But, I must admit in that moments I was feeling one thing and thinking another. Why am I fucking going to Heaven? When the real party and the fun starts in Hell.


     Ksenija lecturing on TedexYouth Belgrade, You can see SPE performance at the end :


     Ksenija performance:

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