40th FEST: Among the Greats

Once I wrote that Belgrade was always rich with culture, even during the crises in 90’s. The main movie event among many others  as Cinemania, Free zone movie festival,  Documentary and Short Film Festival is International Film Festival. This is the 40th edition of the famous FEST. It’s takeing place in three cultural spaces: Sava Centar, Dom Omladine and DKC from 24. II until 4. III 2012. The prices of the tickets are very decent, from 1,5-3 euros.

I may say that this is my favorite cultural event in the city. I have been visiting this festival for ages. I like to watch different movie genders from different productions not just American which are often lame and deja vu. But, of course on this festival mostly are present good quality movies with different range of budget, some low budget and some high budget. For now I didn’t find exactly what I will see, but I will present some of the names: The Skin I live in from Almodovar, Melancholia from Lars Von Trier, A Dangerous method from Cronenberg, The best exotic Marigold hotel, Romeo 11, Cuchera,Voir La Mer and many other. FEST is not typical commercial movie festival.

Slogan of this years FEST is Among the greats. Festival  will be open in Friday 24. II in 19 h in Sava Centar. American movie The tree of Life directed by Terrence Malick is going to be the first movie in this year’s festival. Custom is that one famous person from the movie world opens the FEST, so this year that person will be Petar Bogdanovich an American film director, critic, producer, writer, actor. In past there was 39 famous people who had that privilege to open this great event in the city, among Them were names as: Ralph Fiennes, Jonny Depp, Catarine Deneuve came to open FEST beside the fact that She was the main celebrity who supported NATO bombing of Belgrade  in 1999. and many others. My suggestion for opening of 41st International Film Festival would be British actress Cristine Scott Thomas, famous by movies as English patient, Hromofobia, Bitter moon and many others.

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