Vladimir Acic & Pan-Pot@The Tube

It’s snowing in entire Europe. Belgrade is all covered and white. Looks like Siberia is out side. Traffic is difficult to maintain, but They made it to Belgrade yesterday, take a look at the picture. They are not just anybody! They are Pan-Pot DJ/Production/Remix duo from Germany.

Oh my, Oh my Germans are in the house again!!!!  

                                                        Pan-Pot in Serbia

This is a party that lot of ravers/clubbers/hipsters have been waiting for a long time and of course it’s taken place in the Tube which has perfect line up for this season. Intro did Vladimir Acic from Novi Sad. Vlada is one of the most famous Serbian djs of the new generation, also known as most good-looking Serbian dj.  He was born in Novi Sad. Music style : techno, minimal and tech-house. He is regular dj on Happy Novi Sad  stage on Exit festival. Also he released tracks for labels as: Italo Business, Immigrant, Stereo Seven Plus, Analytic Trail and Inoquo Rec,1605 rec. 

His intro was strong and powerful, it seemed like it was 3 A.M. when He played. After him German techno stars Pan-Pot started Their set around 1 A.M. Club was full of people, They were the mixture of Tube and Mamolo crew. Due to problems with public transport I didn’t expect that much people, but I guess the true fans came to hear techno dj duo. The entrance in the club was free.

I have to admit that I personally more prefer deep and tech-house to listen in clubs. Techno and minimal, and more let me use phrase HC electronic music I find appropriate for large dance floors as Dance arena on Exit festival in Novi Sad. But, I am admitting that Pan-Pot made hell of the party.

So I decided to let my good friend Urosh who is huge Pan-Pot fan to note His impressions of the party and DJ set:

“It was just over a year ago when I decided to form a Facebook group Wir wollen Pan Pot in Belgrade (We want Pan Pot  in Belgrade) with an idea to check if there is a fan base in Belgrade for Pan Pot at all. People I know who enjoy Their music are actually my brother and our friends, so our group consisted mostly of people who know each other and go clubbing in Belgrade together. My aim was also to see if there is an interest in booking Pan Pot or not. My biggest surprise was when Thomas found the group and joined, after just few months they published the date for Belgrade on their website. After this information I was anxious to hear them in The Tube, and to be honest, I was a little bit scared the gig will be cancelled or something.

The night of the Pan Pot party was everything but comfortable for going out. It was around -10 degrees and it has been snowing for several days constantly (even the guys from Pan Pot were complaining upon arrival). However, nothing can stop true fans of dark side of the force!!! Me and my two friends met earlier for some drinks, so I managed to warm up with some home made rakija in a bar just next to The Tube.

I thought that there are two possibilities for the track list, first one filled with hard bass but groovy danceable tracks, and the second one filled with deep sick tracks such as their Black Dog. Neither of this options were what we heard. The whole set was a mix of hard bass track and groovy rhythms overlaid with sick elements and danceable beats. That is to say the whole night oscillated between Black Horse Down and Captain my Captian. I was out of myself when they played Captain my Captian (Booka Shade Remix), Black Horse Down, Slam-Lifetimes (Pan Pot Bass Time Remix) and Green Velvet ft. Russoul-Millie Vanillie. Tassilo and Thomas were in great mood, having fun Themselves as we also did while listening. They played until 6 h in the morning, three times in a row playing the last track as the crowd did not let them go. Hopefully they will come back to Belgrade, and we can only hope to see at them on Exit’s Dance Arena in Novi Sad this year. Judging by their comments on Facebook, they enjoyed Belgrade and will be back soon. The guys especially liked rakija (which I partly blame for their outstanding good mood) and  floor breaking tracks.”

Danke Pan Pot, danke Thomas und Tassilo! Wir sehen uns wieder in Serbien! Möge die Macht mit dir sein!!!

 For Those who do not know Pan-Pot consists of two guys, Tassilo Ippenberger & Thomas Benedix. DJ duo was made in 2005. In 2007. They realised first album Pan-O-Rama. With strong techno tracks Charley and Crank They literary burned the dance floors in clubs and festivals around the world.

Music style: techno, minimal. Label: Berlin’s Mobilee. 

Authors: Christine C. & Urosh M.

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