H.O.S.H. & Fakir@The Tube

It’s winter time in Belgrade. It was raining for days, then snowing, temperature is 0 degrees even less. I don’t like cold weather that much , but I love winter clubbing season, such a pity I can’t wear my all-stars now. Haven’t been anywhere for couple of days, hardly I go out from my flat. But it’s weekend and time for some new rave and party. German electronic music star was Yesterday at the Tube with local support of dj Fakir from Novi Sad.

For Those who do not know Holger Behn aka H.O.S.H. is German artist from Hamburg. He is a Dj and Producer. Working for label Diynamic since 2006. with His label boss Solomun and college Stimming. During the time H.O.S.H. got  really popular among clubbing scene in Germany. Has residency in Panorama Bar in Berlin, Ego in Hamburg and Studio 80 in Amsterdam. In October 2010. His debut album has been realised, Connecting the dots. First album is a well-informed and timeless affair which marks out the man’s journey through house and techno so far whilst simultaneously plotting a line deep into electronic music’s future. The album features vocal work from Mistress Barbara and a collaboration with Ost & Kjex, and is as fresh as it is hypnotic,  as dance as it is deep. From rich Moog grooves to propulsive darkness via hook led house, there’s a classy, considered air and true sense of charisma running throughout all the tracks.

I got in the Tube with my friend Dusan much earlier then often, around 12 o’clock. Fakir did nice danceable worming up, playing deep house  tracks in His own style. After Fakir German underground star started his performance. He seemed very enthusiastic and confident. He played all night long until the closing hours. I must say I am very thrilled by his performance. Very nice set in fact. This is another  perfect booking for the Tube. Club was full but not too much crowded, which was just great. H.O.S.H. played in His style the way he plays in Panorama bar, mixing different genders, deep house, tech house, techno, nu disco, sounds of instruments even Italo disco. He played some classics as Blue Monday from New Order, Nina Simon’s Feeling Good, Easy like Sunday morning from Faith no More and much of new stuff. For The end there were  remix of The Model (Das Model), Domino from Berlin’s Kompakt label artist Oxia and all time hit Super Freak. This is not something We have chance to hear often in  Belgrade clubs. When the set is good I like to stay and listen it until the end, I guess I am not fan of Paris Hilton’s quote:  Cool people go always before the end of the party, losers stay until the end. 

It seemed that H.O.S.H. is very professional dj and set was  very well prepared. It was really fun and pleasant to be there yesterday. This performance is the reason I prefer so much German electronic music artist. When I listen to all those cool stuff sometimes I really think that German really are  the superior race :))  xaxaxax

H.O.S.H.@ Panorama bar: Dj Set@ Panorama Bar

If You want to know what is Panorama bar go to  this link: http://renegaderaiders.wordpress.com/2011/10/25/berghainpanorama-bar-berlin/




               photos by Stefan Matic


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