Jelena Kostica knows good Art

Today, I proudly present young and very talented visual artist Jelena Kostica. She was born in Serbia in 1983. Jelena works and lives in Belgrade and Athens. Since 2011. She is Member of Association Des Arts Plastiques De Serbie.


2002 School for design, graphic design department, Belgrade, Serbia

2006 BA of Fine arts, Middlesex University, London

2008 MA of Arts, Middlesex University, London

As one of most talented and creative young individuals  in Serbia She was chosen to represent Her state on respectful exhibition  Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and Mediteran  in Thessaloniki, Greece in 2011.


  Her work is about personal identity. The traces that remain as the result of exploring life, communication and human relations. Traces which we leave behind and they can’t avoid their destiny. Everything is about time. Everything has its own characteristics, nature and essence. Everything that happens is unique in time. Like Maeterlinck said:  Who can speak about the power of events? Are we them or are we nothing else but just those events? Did they gave birth to us or did we give birth to them? Do we attract them or do they attract us? Do they transform us or do we transform them? Are they ever wrong?   


Solo exhibitions:

2007. Warning fragile!,  O3one gallery, Belgrade

2011. Insideout, Simonida gallery, Cultular Center, Lazrevac, Serbia

Group shows:

2006. Graduate student exhibition, AKTO, Athens

2009. Once – All the time, KMB gallery, Donji Milanovac, Serbia

2009. Open doors, Thission lofts, Athens, Greece

2010. Creations, Gallery Alt, Belgrade, Serbia

2011. Postcards from the edgeP, Visual Aids, CRG Gallery, New York, USA

2011. New members of the Association Des Arts Plastiques De Serbie, Pavilion C. Zuzoric, Belgrade, Serbia

2011. Homage to Ray Johnson: A Book About Death, ABAD, Treviso, Italy

2011. No commercial potential, Garage N.3 Gallery, Venice, Italy

2011. No commercial potential, Galleria Terre Rare, Bologna, Italy

2011. Spring Exhibition, Pavilion C. Zuzoric, Belgrade, Serbia

2011. June Art Market, House of Kralja Petra I, Belgrade, Serbia

2011. Meio Quilo, DHTM, Sao Paolo, Brazil

2011. Tell me Tell me, Museum of Contemporary Art Sidney, Australia

2011. Symbiosis, Biennal of Young Artists from Europe and Mediteran, Thessaloniki, Greece

2011. Secret of exchange, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea

2011. No Commertial Potential phase II, Centro Culturale Candiani, Venice, Mestre, Italy

2011. Young Serbian Bienalists, International Press Center, Strategie Art, Belgrade, Serbia


2010. KEF, with the animation Make room for more trees , Cultural Center Rex, Belgrade

2011. Magmart International Video Art Festival, Napoli, Italy

2012. Magmart International Video Art Festival, Napoli, Italy


July 2009. at KMB gallery, Donji Milanovac, Srbia

Private collection:

Davis museum Barcelona, Spain

KMB Gallery Donji Milanovac, Serbia

ABAD , Italy

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