Mike Huckaby@20/44

If I write about Detroit and Techno music I have to note extraordinary Mike Huckaby. Mike is one of the most respected Detroit artists. He is one of those guys who knows and understands the essence of electronic music which He creates and plays. Works as: Music Producer, Dj, Teacher and Promoter for Native Instruments and Ableton. In one period He was the owner of famous record shop in Detroit. His perfect skills and music knowledge made Him remix & edit master. In 2011. He did mix for 20th Anniversary of famous  Tresor records and club , where He played for New Year’s Eve.

Style: Soulful Techno, Techno, Deep House

Labels: Deep Transportation, Synth, Tresor

For reprise on 1st of January Mike Huckaby played in one really cool place on the river. That place is a boat 20/44. I haven’t been writing about this place on my blog but there’s first time for everything I guess. I think I noted it in one post about DJ Brka. Boat 20/44 works during the whole year so it’s not important what kind of weather is in Belgrade. In the winter parties are held in space  under the deck of the boat. 20/44 is popular by famous Disco not Disco night that Belgrade audience just adores.

 Directly from Tresor in Berlin this guy Mike came to Belgrade. This is not the first time I listen to His set. He was last year in club the Wash where He was just impressed with Belgrade underground scene, which is not that good actually but if He thinks so nice for Us. I remember I was with my two friends from Israel and that was one of the best parties last season. We stayed until early morning hours. When We got outside I remember police was all around the city, because that was the day that Belgrade Pride was held.

Around 1 o’clock We entered the boat 20/44 . It was alredy full with people. The space is very cute and cozy. That day there was good parties all around the city. In Industry, Tube,  also there was Easy Tiger night at Kc grad. But, We decided to go and show respect to Detroit master. Of course, We didn’t get disappointed. The party was really nice. Intro did Milan Drcha who was resident of the Wash club. Milan did  Very nice intro. Very danceable and vigorous. In a moment when audience sow Mike on Dj Stand He immediately got huge applause. Very happy and vigorous Mike played some old school and some new school tracks. He is the master and He plays vinyl only of course. Me and my friends stayed until 5 o’clock. We tought that He will play 3 hours dj set and that He is finishing, but actually We heard after that was just a half time. Mike played 6 hours set for Belgrade audience until 8 o’clock in the morning. Oh, that was such a disappointment , when We realised We left the party too soon.

His gigs are just great and I recommend Them  always and everywhere.

Mike is the man!!!!

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