Nina Kraviz on the Wheels of Steel
















Yes, She is lovely and pretty. She is also DJ and Producer. Nina Kraviz. Began Her career in the  90s as music journalist working for entertainment magazines in Moscow , where She lived. In early 2000s She began doing PR and soon around 2003. Nina had first experience as DJ.  Nina played in clubs and bars all around Moscow. She made the name in electronic music industry by doing excellent production. In 2009 She realised tracks , or lets just name Them songs or melodies how She prefers to call Them for label Rekids. Hits as Pain in the ass, then I am gone get You and soon Hotter than July.  As soon as She become popular Producer Nina started to have gigs on various music festivals and clubs as prestige Panorama bar in Berlin and Fabric in London.

It was Wonder Woman Weekend,  event that was made in The Tube with idea to promote  woman djs who are as We all know minority in techno world. On Thursday guest were: Jenna G and Dada Selectah. On friday: Tijana T and Nina Kraviz. On Saturday: Ana D and Kristina Lalic, Lady Dee and Loco baby.

Around 21h I went to Akademija 28 with two friends of mine. It’s the bar on square Slavija where atmosphere is not really vibrant, it is more kind of old school place. A friend of a friend is working as bartender so We went there to drink of course. Just a little foreplay before the party. And guess what ? There was another russian girl or a woman I didn’t catch her appearance, singing in Akademija 28. She was singing old russian songs. In that time in gallery Parobrod in Kapetan Misina street on Dorcol, Nina Kraviz and Tijana T were taking about women in mans world. Seems as a day of Russian culture in Belgrade, but thanks Univers it wasn’t . I am sick of talking about Russian and Serbian brotherhood. But never mind, I will just continue the story. So We were just siting and drinking vodka at the bar,  actually I drink blueberry vodka. I love mixed drinks.

Around one after midnight I was at the Tube. Tijana T was doing intro. She is a tv star, celebrity person who is working as a dj . She is one of the residents at the Tube. Its something that is really popular in Belgrade that tv star becomes a dj in one moment. We have hundreds of Them. Her skills are not really good, but She is trying. She is a girl with good taste in music so She is often playing good tracks, but last Friday wasn’t  Her night, Tijana had better sets in the past.

After this intro, Nina Kraviz started  Her set. In this club it’s all the same this year, as I said already too much crowd, too much odd people. It’s not like it used to be good and fun. But I guess that’s the best clubbers have right now.

When Nina started to play, all girls where in the front , looking forword  to see  pretty Russian DJ. I guess the age of woman jealousy is over and thanks universe for that :)) I watched Her live gigs on You Tube and I may say I was a bit sceptical about Her performance but I decided to check it out anyway. But, at the end I guess I should fallow my instinct. In the beginning of the set I was thinking hm, this is promising. But as She played music further my opinion was changing fast. I can tell that She had very interesting set. Played very interesting songs, I never heard before. Her mixing skills are very good. As I read in one interview She listens to all kinds of music genders, and that’s the thing one can feel in Her amazing production which is mixture of techno and  house with touch of deep, electro and dark. Her set last Friday was all of that, but I found it very boring and I didn’t have energy to listen to it until the end. She played two songs with very good vibe and the third  song is more downhill, and She continue to play music  in this way next two hours. After this I not sure I am gone see Her playing again, I was boared that much I left my  friends and went home it was too much monotonous for my taste.

I can say just that I notice how new producers are not really good DJs, They become popular really easy by popular hits They make, but as it comes to play music in a club or music festival They are not  such excellent. They don’t know how to choose good tracks and make audience really crazy. I prefer to listen to old school masters who have  more than 10-15 years of experience in djing. For example I don’t like production of best Serbian djs , but when it comes to playing music Nastic and Milicevic are better than 70% foreign Djs I heard.

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