God plays Vinyl only

Well I can’t say that I am really religious person, but if God existed  I am sure He would play vinyl only  !!!

 Concept of this post is to  describe important role of Electronic music in modern society and how music made difference in  fight for human rights. Also how it makes influence on people lifestyles. Lets just say it was idea to make connection between techno, personal freedoms and concept of fashionism.

I like to say that Techno is not just type of music. It’s an  Addiction, Passion, a Lifestyle!!!!

 Lets just take a little journey throu past. Techno was made in late 80s in Detroit, since then different type of electronic music appeared as Trance and House and soon the whole new subculture was discovered. When One read books about this subculture soon will realise that idea of Rave is just a continue of Hippie movement with same utopian thinking. Lets just think about Love Parade, that was  the biggest and most important electronic music event in the world. The parade first occurred just months before the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989.  Later in 1999. with motto Music is the key it was held in Berlin with 1,5 million people. First just 150 people took part, but during the 90s parade become more and more popular and it was held all around the glob with more and more people attending. This event spread in Sidney, San Francisco and other liberal cities.  The key of Love Parade and whole subculture was to connect different people and spread LUR (Love, Unity and Respect). Lets just notice that parade occurred first in cities as Berlin and San Francisco and We all know what those places present today. When I said a big role in human rights, I ment not just  gender and sex role but  also all kinds of personal freedoms where We can be who We are not some lame puppet of society.


 The end of Love Parade.

On 24 July 2010, a crowd rush at the Love Parade caused the death of 21 people, with at least 500 others injured. As a consequence of this, the organiser of the festival announced that no further Love Parades would be held and that the festival was permanently cancelled.

As all movements in theory was  great, but when One see whats happened in 2010. it looks like the whole great idea of Love was destroyed. The lack of humanity, concern for others , brought to this big fail of one great  idea.

What is happening to this subculture right now???

Last year I read one article on WWD about techno deities Hawtin and Milles were in first row on Lanvin fashion show. By the way Jeff Mills has a fashion store in Chicago.  And I tought wow that’s cool, Lanvin is just super brand. But when I read comments people left very disappointed I realised how fashionism took the great deal of important role in  techno music scene. Almost all comments were negative, because techno was one of the fields where it didn’t matter how one is dressed and how He looks. Also some people wrote fashionism leads to elitisam and that’s not the true spirit of techno subculture. But today when I watch fashion shows, web, Mixmag magazine, how djs are dressed, Their outfits and styles , I can’t tell that techno music and fashion don’t go together. People are in some way in uniforms, in 90s it used to be popular fluorescent shirts, sport bags and whistles, now there are high hills , fancy shirts and skinny jeans, All stars, things like that.

Like it or not  elitism and fashionism are now part of techno culture. Time changed things I may say.  Used to be ravers, then clubbers and now hipsters.  I don’t even know whats hipster, I used to wear skinny jeans and all stars, scarf long ago hipster thing was popular I consider Myself as   clubber.

Think about all this things… Is it all come down to How We look ? Posing??? What type of music gender We listen?? How much and what drug We use??

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