52th October Salon

October 20th – December 4th
The Museum of Yugoslav History – Boticeva 6, Belgrade

For Those who do not know October Salon is the most important contemporary art exposition in Serbia. Located in Belgrade. The part of 52th October Salon is held in Ljubljana, Slovenia for this year.

Topic for this year :  Its Time We Get To Know Each Other  

52nd October Salon will present works of contemporary artists according to the concept and choice of curators Galit Eilat from Israel and Alenka Gregoric from Slovenia.

Participants of the 52nd October Salon:
Damir AvdićArt ClinicYossi Atia & Itamar RoseYael Bartanathe Centre for Cultural DecontaminationNemanja CvijanovićVuk Ćosić & Irena WoelleRod DickinsonMikós Erhardt & Little WarsawEtcétera.., Jan FabreIbro Hasanović, IRWINKhaled Jarrar,Kioskthe Kontekst Collective, Mladen MiljanovićAvi MograbiDarinka Pop-MitićVahida Ramujkić, Kateřina ŠedáNebojša Šerić Shoba, Imogen StidworthyMilica Tomić,UrticaAmir Yatziv, Akram ZaatariKatarina Zdjelar, Artur Żmijewski.

How do you generate a sense of responsibility? What is the response today to a request that we are responsible towards another or towards their different world-view? How could we act differently in the roles of producers and/or consumers of culture? What are the ways of playing a more active role in this process?

The 52nd October Salon has set itself the task of becoming a catalyst for a debate on obedience to authority, on conformism, social responsibility, as well as disobedience and non-conformism. For the purpose of examining the key notion, that of responsibility, the curators use three methods: simulation, experiment and re-enactment of events – believing that many artists today have embraced those methods as their artistic tools, particularly in the domains of performance, installations, film, video and photography. The emphasis of this October Salon will be laid on the development of artistic initiatives and projects which, over the last few years, have turned from the global to the local and specific. Artists often react responsibly to their immediate social and political surroundings, posing questions about the microcosm in which they live and work, and the curators believe that the term “responsibility” denotes the ability to respond.

Think about world without art ? What it would be like??

Art took important part in civilisation from the beginning of mankind. With rise of intelligence Homo sapiens first started to creat art crafts. That was one of most important things that made him different then his precursors. Art is something that is always progressive , always changing.

I am not really sure that people in this city understand the importance of culture and art. Every year less and less amount of money is given into those fields. I am very proud and delighted that big manifestation like this exist in Belgrade. I wont talk about tradition of this exposition , because you can count it yourself. It’s 52th October Salon, this manifestation is held once per year. So that’s says everything. Last year there were lot of talking about it on a television, people could see tv show Crowed which was talking about October Salon and how much money city gives to make it, who are curators and who is choosing who will present works on October Salon, what happening to the art scene in Serbia, etc. Like it or not , mostly video installations are presented in this exposition. Artists are mostly from abroad. Every year there’s a different topics. I liked more last years October Salon then this one, as I remember topic was perception of time.  It was held in another building in Resavska street which is better than Museum of Yugoslav history and its located near center of the city. Also all video installations for this year are about wars and I am little bit sick of this topic, especially after all this things with Libya showing publicly. But regardless of that I  must say there is really interesting and unique art works on 52th October Salon. I recommend if You want to visit to take a tour with custos and make 2 hours time for it. You don’t have to understand the same as artist wanted to tell, because in postmodern art or science death of author and personal view is the most important. It’s just important You think about it and talk about it with others.

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