Silicone Soul in Belgrade

Down my way….. 
(Right on, keep on!) 
Believe in me! 
You can do anything you wanna 
be what you wanna be 
Time’s too short to throw it all away, yeh ehy 
Your love is too high a price to pay, ooh….” 

Local people favorites Silicon Soul dj duo played again in Belgrade. I saw Them two years ago in Dom Omladine for the first time. In one cold autumn night They made a hell of the party. The best thing is that  I met some really cool people on that party with whom I became a good friend.  After that gig They played in club Plastic and now for the first time, party was held in a new space Beko Hall across Kalemegdan fortress lower city.

First I was thinking should I go, or  maybe not, the ticket is 9 euros but at the end I made my mind. I got dressed, left my apartment and met my friends. Soon We where there, it was cold saturday night but the place is actually near my flat. I stayed until the end of Their set, it was around 5 o clock. I think this information says everything about party They made. Like always they are grooving and spinning vinyls cause They are old masters. Belgrade audience just adores Them. For the end there was off course house anthem Right on, Right on which I always like to listen everywhere.

Silicone soul is Scotish dj and house production duo. They have their own label Darkroom dubs. Their single release Right On featuring Louise Claire Marchall entered various charts throughout Europe and reached #1 in the UK dance single chart in October 2001.

I heard They will play again in The Tube this season, so if that’s true We eagerly expect Them.


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