New Fly London Store In Belgrade

Stari , a za nas novi brend Fly London je otvorio radnju u Beogradu. A to je fashion Yes, Yes, Yes. Fly London je Engleski brend , nastao je 1994. godine u Londonu. Prvo su proizvodili samo obuću, a kasnije i accesorries, izbacili su liniju torbi, ogrlica i kajševa. Koliko mogu da vidim na sajtu i čitavu kolekciju garderobe. 2011. godine predstavili su i prvu Eyewear kolekciju. Imaju super modele naočara za sunce i cene su pristupačne oko 25-30 evra. Što je u odnosu na druge brendove po prilično povoljna cena. Imaju radnje u Londonu, Berlinu, Lisabonu, Kopenhagenu itd.

Fly London  je firma koja proizvodi obuću koja je kvalitetna i udobna, a u isto vreme ima odličan dizajn. Pored United Nuda i Campera ovo je po meni najbolji brend za obuću.

Ovo je prva prodavnica Fly London u Beogradu. Nalazi se na Terazijama  blizu Campera. Inače, cipele ove firme se mogu naći i u Super marketu.  Cena cipela je malo skuplja od 150 evra pa na gore. Možda treba sačekati neki popust ili sale i otići u kupovinu. Bacila sam oko na neke mnogo cool čizme, a primetila sam da imaju i super patike. Nešto na fazon starki i diesel patika. Fly London je obuća za gradske cice, poslovne žene, klaberke. To je obuća koju možete nositi u svakoj svetskoj metropoli, a da pri tome izgledate jako fashionable i sofisticirano.

   Fly  London is more than a brand it’s a lifestyle!! 

This is a store in Berlin but in Belgrade looks the same

Something old and for Us new in Belgrade, new Fly London store. Fly London is English brand made in 1994. in London. First produced just shoes , after accessories, and since 2011. first line of Clothes and Eyewear. Fly London has very interesting models of sunglasses and the price is not that high in regard to other popular brands , between 25-30 euro. Fly London  has stores in London, Berlin, Lisbon, Copenhagen etc.

This brand makes shoes which are comfortable and high quality, but also very modern design. Next to Camper and United Nude this is the best brand.

The store is located in Terazije in center of Belgrade, near Camper store. Prices of shoes are not cheap  150-250 euro. It’s good to wait for some discount or sale and then buy. I found very cool black boots i want to buy,  also nice sneakers. Sneakers look like All star or Diesel models which I very prefer.

Second place where one can find Fly London shoes is Super Market Concept Store on Dorcol. Fly london shoes are for city girls, business woman, clubbers. Those are kind of shoes You can wear everywhere in all cities around the glob , because you don’t have to worry , You will look fashionable and sophisticated.

And when it comes to Fashion ( Its nothing to do with opening of Fly London) I have to promote the new Duran Duran hit. Do people remember Duran Duran? One of  the best bands from 80s. First metrosexuals, very fashionable and sexy. They had great concert 5 years ago in Belgrade Sajam. Actually, that was one of my favorite concerts.

The new hit Girl Panic, first the video seemed lame and pathetic but when i saw it for couple of time I realised 80s are back with this new song. It’s completely Their old style. They say that Duran Duran is first band to promote top models in their videos, but as i remember Bryan Ferry use to do it, also George Michael. In my opinion Naomi was a  fail It would be better to use Claudia Schiffer or Linda Evangelista.

Video was directed by Jonas Akerlund, Duran Duran called upon top models to act in the roles of the members of the band. Naomi Campbell as Simon Le Bon, Helena Christensen as Roger Taylor, Eva Herzigova as Nick Rodhes and Cindy Crawford as John Taylor.

The talented Akerlund, who already has under his belt iconic videos such as Madonna’s Ray of Light and Telephone by Lady Gaga, as well as having collaborated with U2, Christina Aguilera, Metallica and Britney Spears, created a superb portrait, depicting the band on the road. A masterful mix of fashion obsession, and rock star guilded destruction, where the protagonists lounge in champagne soaked Rolls Royce leather seats or make themselves at home in the glamorous and opulent pinnacle of English establishment, The Savoy Hotel.

Models are dressed by :


FLY London is more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle!

FLY London is more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle!

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