Free Zone Movie Festival

If you are board of Hollywood production, all the same boring movies with superficial topics with idolised stars from who advertising made unhuman, go to see something else. Something different. Free zone movie festival.

One of  interesting events in Belgrade beside Fest and Cinemania is Film Festival Free Zone. This is 7th edition of this festival. It took place from 4-9 November in Dom Omladine and DKC. This year festival presented more than 40 movies from all over the glob. Those are uncommercial movies mostly documentaries which explore important topics of modern society like status  of women. Those movies present a real life  in modern world not some shit made in America with happy end , We see in Cinemas and  Tv.

The program also displays a selection of films from contemporary Swedish engaged documentary production, and the work of graduates of one of the world’s most prestigious film schools – the National Film School of London.

audience had opportunity to vote for the best movie. The winner is West Land, documentary from Brasil.

Press Quote:

“Waste Land is a film about recycling, but it’s far more intriguing than the average eco-documentary. The subject focuses on Brazilian garbage pickers, called “catadores”, and how an artist created striking portraits of a half-dozen of them and transformed their lives.”

This is my first time on this festival. Lot of young people every year come to visit this event and see some really cool films. I saw Bombay beach directed by Alma Harel.

Alama Harel is visual artist. She is directing videos for band Beirut. On one of Her voyages She met people who are living near LA in USA. Place Bombay beach is on a cost of Salt Sea. It’s not really popular and commercial place ,  even it’s not marked in maps. This is a story about tree interesting people who She met there. On is a boy with bipolar disorder living in a strange and poor family. Second is a black young guy who wants to enter University and became first in his family with high education. He ran away  from LA when his cousin 16-year-old gangster was killed and moved to Bombay beach to his dads place. Third is old man an ancient survivor, once an oil field worker, living on the fumes of whiskey, cigarettes and an irrepressible love of life. Its a triptych story about life on Bombay beach and also story about American dream.

photos of a Bombay beach taken from site

It fulled with dance scenes and music. I liked it a lot. It very real, touchy and fluid and in some parts funny and emotional.

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