Art of Tones@ Kc grad

 It was friday two weeks ago. Me and Marry met my brother Uros and other friends in downtown. First We drop by one bar I use to go with my friends from faculty. I can’t remember its  name right no, its one of alternative places where drinks are cheap. But never mind We had round of beer and continued to Kc grad as I said once one of my favorite urban spaces in town. There was Art of Tones party and in the same night 5th season  opening of the Tube where Tijana T and Marko Nastic were playing. Idea was to go first to Kc grad and then to Tube, but Ludovic Llorca aka Art of Tones made very nice party so We stayed until te end and didn’t manage to go to that second party. This time We were listening to really good house music. He plays really sexy house tracks with vocals a bit retro , reminds me of a house music which was popular 10 years ago and more. I am not found of the new house.  At the end of the set Llorca played more disco but nice and fun. Place was crowded with all categories of people I mentioned before in one of my posts.

Intro did Dusan from Banda Panda. Banda Panda is local dj duo. They are quite popular this days making parties around town. I remember Dusan when He was part of another dj duo Mladi Ljudi (Young People) with college of mine Djordje. They use to make parties in Energy club on Thursdays.

And this is one of my favorite Llorca tracks :

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