XV Biennale de la Mediterranee


6 October 6 November 2011

Symbiosis ???

This time I write about art for real, not music and of course I don’t mean that music isn’t art, but Visual art. Subject for this years Biennale is Symbiosis. It is takeing place in Thessaloniki in the fall of 2011. I havent been in this city for a couple of years, but i remember good times when I was little my parents liked going there for vocation. It’s quite cool city, very vibrant and dynamic. This time there wasnt enough space in the car so I didn’t unfortunately attended this event. But i feel like presenting Serbian artist which took part in this exhibition and write a little about event.

This year topic Symbiosis I find very interesting. Art can make questions and answers to all problems that modern society brings. Art can explore identity as  individual or as plural , Who are we ?  Who are others? How communication affects people in Mediterranean space and the world. How politics affects people. Maybe also things as  luck of communications , rise of new technology and social networks.

On this exhibition artist from different art genders take part, as : Aplied arts, Gastronomy (Is that also art?) , Visual arts.

Serbian artist  are Jelena Kostica, Sejma Prodanovic, Mihajlo Vasiljevic, Mirjana Radovanovic.

Jelena Kostica

Project Void examines the various forms of communication and interaction, verbal ( Speech-understanding and misunderstanding), nonverbal (gesture-a movement). The work also deals with the communication capabilities and limitations of this phenomenon. What are the limits? Why are They present?

Sejma Prodanovic

Toothbrushes project questions relation of society’s invisible borders and individual, in context of Mediterranean as a mix of cultures and nations. Artworks are made of pieces of images found in old newspapers and jurnals colleged inside anthropomorfological shape of transparent package of toothbrushes.

Mihailo Vasiljevic

Toys are based of photographic models of real animals. It seems sensible posing a question of consequences these figures have as a toys. Does realism suggest that living creatures should be equated with piece of plastic based on a photograph? In time when animal meat becomes mass not totally different from plastic, these toys can have symbolical meanings for future understanding of miniature importance of a living world.

Mirjana Radovanovic

The work is considering the position and heritage of space in which the work itself has been made. Arranging diverse elements that are connected with the legacy of the space, and relationship between the space and enviroment and people, gives opportunity to the audience to read information displaced from their origin context.

Vladimir Macar will present Serbia in Biennale in Italy. He is into sound designing and producing. His project is based on computer generated music and the possibility of its visualization. Problematisation of the body in the experience of music is seen through symbiosis of the head as thoughts and ideas and feet as experience and psychical movement.


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