David Carreta in KC Grad

I decided to write this post only in english because I don’t feel like writing in my native language. So after a long time actually since year 2007.  David Caretta is in Belgrade. I remember his gig in 2007. in club Plastic that was the time when Plastic was night club for clubbers not posers and when real electronic music was promoted. His gig was really short maybe it lasted just one hour. This time I had second tought should I give Him another chance or not, but  I decided to go. He was playing in Kc grad  two weeks ago it was friday my favorite clubbing day. David is promoting his new album Rodeo Disco.  Intro did dj MKDSL who is not type of dj i like to listen but what could I do.

I must say that regardless He played only for 2 hours  He was so good and so powerful, made audience dance really crazy and enjoying music. So it was worth 5 euros i gave for the ticket, I had one of those feeling when U know where and why  did U spent your money . Audience was really nice, there was not  too much city posers which was good for change. There was couple of guys who reminded me on a girl djs Lost our way from the rave because They looked like They lost Their way from the gym. But there’s  always one group of “gym” guys on techno parties in tight shirts i never knew what are They doing there, maybe They lost their way or maybe They just found Themselves. But never mind, my friend says that French guy was very Chic. Black shirt U know the model of shirts that only hipster and gays wear. I personally adore Them on me and on other people too. Skinny jeans and white moccasins. Xa, Xa yeah very Chic I so models are wearing them on Cavalii fashion show but personally i am not found of that kind of shoes. Also my friend said He is very sexy xm, She find mustache and hair all over face sexy.  Well, I must forgive Her She was born in mid-seventies ;0)

For people who don’t know David Caretta is french dj and producer. He is active since the late nineties. He releases for International Dj Gigolo which is German label run by one and only Dj HEll. Gigolo is one of the best worldly labels, this label is promoting artist like Kiko, Miss Kitten and the Hacker, David Clark, Jeff Mills, Vitalic, etc… His style is Electro clash or some call it Electro techno. He is famous by songs like Disco dancer and  Vicious game. 

This Vitalic hit i had to promote because I just think this video some guy made on You Tube just fits this song !!!

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